Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nick Saban's "The New Colossus"

"Give me your troubled, your no-show talents,
Your pot smoking masses yearning for no NFL drug policy,
The wretched refuse of your past drafts.
Send these, the unwanted trouble makers, to me.
I lift my ringmaster hat beside the orange and aqua door."

With Nick Saban recently signing Daunte Culpepper, Marcus Vick and Joey Harrington, then sending Ricky Williams off to the CFL to play, I just had to have my say in this. Has this man lost his mind or is he a genius??? Only the 2006 NFL season holds the answers and until then we all must speculate.

Various coaches have taken personnel risks in the past but I cannot remember one that took so many in one year. I cannot argue with his pick up of Culpepper. Culpepper is a proven talent although injured and no one seems certain he will be able to start the season opener for the Dolphins. But Marcus Vick and Joey Harrington??? Vick has talent, Harrington, well I think my sister can throw a better ball. Now, Saban has agreed to let Ricky Williams play in the CFL for one year. Saban has his hands full at this point so I guess sending Ricky off for a year might not be such a bad idea. Instead of creeping around Ricky's windows, making sure he isn't smoking pot, Saban will be tailing Vick around town to make sure he doesn't point his cell phone at anyone that might mistake it for a gun.

Good luck Mr. Saban! Perhaps Vick will become the next Randle El for your team, a receiver and return man all in one glorious bundle. Or maybe he will stomp on your legs for not letting him be a quarterback.
Perhaps Joey Harrington is the next Joe Montana in the making. Or maybe you might want my sister's number.

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