Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shanny Fired in Denver FINALLY!

Mike Shanahan has finally been fired as the Broncos head coach. It seems most folks are shocked about this, but I think the was long overdue. I was at the AFC Championship game in Denver when the Steelers went in there and beat the socks off the Broncos. He should have been fired after that season. That team should have made it to the Superbowl. At the very latest he should have been fired the season after that. Shanny has only won one playoff game in 10 years. It was time to go!

I would love to see Jason Garrett go to the Broncos. With an offensive mind like his and Cutler's arm, holy moly that would be a fun team to watch. I know there will be teams beating down Shanny's door as well, but I hope he takes some time off. His tan was a little faded yesterday, looks like he needs to work on building it up again so he can actually win some games.

Bring Peyton Back to Pittsburgh

I heard something once, a long time ago...that it is pretty much impossible to beat the same team twice in one year. The year the Steelers made their run to the Superbowl they had to play the Colts during the regular season. The Steelers were blown out! Then when I found out we had to play them in the post season I was thrilled because of this little nugget of info I had heard years before. Well we won...yes, barely, but we won.

Looking at the playoff picture for this year, this Saturday the Colts have to go to San Diego and play the Chargers. We have played both of these teams already this year. We squeaked out a 11-10 win against the Chargers and we lost to the Colts. So who should we want to play in the playoffs???? That's right. Bring on Peyton Manning. He cannot beat us twice, especially at home. I am also hoping to see Tennessee in the AFC Championship since they beat us once this year...then we would just have to beat them and go all the way to the Superbowl! I got this all planned out you see???? So on Saturday we really need to root for Peyton big time. Their defense is not very good and all you have to do is put someone in Peyton's face all day and he freaks out. Game over.
Let me know who you want to see the Steelers play...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mangini Among 3 Coaches Fired So Far Today

Eric Mangini is among 3 coaches to be fired today. I am sure a few more will follow at some point.

Rod Marinelli and Romeo Crennel were also fired.

I think the only one that might have shocked me a little bit is Mangini. They did almost make the playoffs but I guess when the QB that you got rid of goes to a brand new team and leads them to the playoffs it might look kind of bad.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eagles Boot the Cowboys Out of the Playoffs

McNabb did it! The Eagles whooped up on the Cowboys sending them home and nowhere near the playoffs. This is the greatest Christmas gift I could have ever received.

The Eagles D tortured Romo all day long. It was beautiful. Rarely would I sit through a blowout game but this was just so thrilling to me.

Goodbye Romo, goodbye Jerry Jones, goodbye Pacman Jones and goodbye T.O. See ya next season!

Ben Roethlisberger Carted Off Field Today

Ben Roethlisberger was carted off the field in Pittsburgh today during the game with Cleveland. He dropped back to pass, scrambled around a bit and was leveled by two Browns. They sent the cart out, strapped him down and as they wheeled him off the field he did give the thumbs up sign.

Last report I heard is they are calling it a concussion. Why on earth was Tomlin playing him???? He should have played maybe one quarter max and gotten him off the field. We had nothing to play for this week. If we could not beat a team that has not scored an offensive touchdown since Week 11 with Leftwich then we seriously need some help. I hope Ben shakes off all the cobwebs before the playoffs!

UFC 92: Forrest Got His Butt Kicked

My favorite UFC fighter got his butt handed to him last night. I am not sure why I have not paid all that much attention to Rashad Evans but I really thought Forrest would kill him. But I think Forrest will kill everyone. At one point during their fight, Forrest unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks, then backed away. Rashad blew Forrest a kiss and then touched his nuts. Nice. How classy. Rashad knocked Forrest out in the 3rd round and I think got in a few too many blows before the ref called it.

I was really glad to see Rampage Jackson win last night. I like him. I know he went a little nuts but I think it was a fluke...I don't think anything like that will happen again. Rampage also got in a couple of extra shots after they called the fight. I think the refs really need to pay closer attention. Someone could get even more seriously hurt.

I had a good time watching the fight at my buddy Jimmy's parent's house. A houseful of Canadians if you can imagine. Jimmy was showing all the kids his UFC moves and choking them out...not for real...but that might have been funny. Ok, not really. But overall it was a good time and the fights were all pretty exciting knock outs.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Smoking Meat: A Christmas Tradition

I had to take a vacation day today because it is my duty to stand outside all day long today and smoke meat for my family Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day dinner. As I am typing this, there is a ham, 5lb chunk of bologna, pork loins and mushrooms all on my grill being smoked. Every year the meat changes but the tradition is always the same as far as my ass being outside on usually a cold day. Today it has been around 30-35 degrees so that is pretty pleasant. Last year it was 20 and there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground.

Well gotta get back out there...I just wanted to take a moment to warm up and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Yankees Disgust Me

Why why why why why why why do they throw their money around all the time????? I am officially over it! I hope they never ever make the playoffs again, let alone win a World Series.

They signed Mark Teixeira to an 8 year deal today worth $180 million dollars. He is not even worth that kind of money...I mean come on! By the time they are done this off-season they will have some sort of super-human team and I hate that! I hope the Devil Rays whip your ass in the standings! I hope they win a World Championship and you and all your fans are stuck looking at skanky Madonna all season long!

Viva la small market revolution!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Jeff Garcia Gets Clocked Yesterday

None of my buddies at work saw this yesterday so I found it on You Tube and decided to share it with everyone. Check this out!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angels Withdraw Offer to Teixeira

Breaking news on ESPN says that the Angels have withdrawn their offer to Mark Teixeira.

Honestly, I am getting sick of hearing about him. Hearing about how he and his wife want him to play on the East coast because they are from that area. Will someone please sign him so I can stop hearing about him for 5 minutes????? He was on my fantasy team this year and I didn't think the dude was all that so I don't know why all these teams are going nuts trying to get him.

I am sure this means the Red Sox are back in...

Steelers Stink Up Nashville

I really don't want to talk about it. I am disgusted with my team today. They did not look like a team headed into the playoffs.

I will start praying for a better outcome next week.

Cowboys Defense Fails Last Night

I was going to put up a photo of Tony Romo or Tashard Choice, but decided the Cowboys don't really deserve a photo. So for the enjoyment of all the guys out there...a cheerleader photo...they brought their game last night...too bad the Cowboys could not do the same.

I am pretty sure I could have ran through those holes in the Cowboys defense last night with heels and a dress on. Huge holes. McGahee blew it up once and then McClain hit it.

I hate the Cowboys but I also don't like the Ravens. So I guess I was kind of rooting for the Cowgirls last night because the Ravens scare me in the playoffs...

I think the Cowboys might be done. It is going to be an interesting final week of the season, that is for sure.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kudos To ESPN: "The Greatest Game Ever Played"

I just finished watching ESPN's presentation of "The Greatest Game Ever Played". It is a recreation of the 1958 National Football League Championship game between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants. The show features players from the past and present Colts and Giants teams. They watch the recreation together and comment on the game and how it has changed. I think my favorites were Art Donovan and Michael Strahan. They were pretty funny.

The game was played in Yankee Stadium and was not even sold out. Goes to show you how much the game has changed. They said this game was so amazing that it inspired Lamar Hunt to start the AFL. It was a very important game for the future of the National Football League.

If you all have a chance and if ESPN is re-playing it you must check it out. They have colorized the footage they have of the game and the commentary is incredible. It was cool to watch such a historic game.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bowl Swag Revealed

In the latest Sporting News Magazine it is revealed what "swag" each player will receive in playing in their respective bowl games. I had no idea they received anything but it seems like every bowl has prizes for the players.

I have always wanted to receive swag. It is a lifelong dream. Never did I dream all I would have had to do was be born male, play football and get to a bowl game. Damn!

Here are a few of the bowl games listed:

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Pure Flip mini digital camcorder, Fossil watch, Fossil sunglasses and Armor Gear backback.

Fiesta Bowl: Myvu personal media viewer, Apple iPod Nano, Kenneth Cole watch and a hat.

Rose Bowl: Sony dvd camcorder, Fossil watch, Oakley sunglasses, New Era hat, Ogio backpack, and one year subscription to ESPN the Magazine.

BCS National Championship: Players can purchase up to $300 in Sony Electronics products that are showcased to them at the team hotels, Torneau watch, New Era hat, Crocs and an Ogio duffel bag.

Source: Sporting News Magazine.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

NFL Network: WAKE UP!

I have taken it for as long as humanly possible. The NFL Network commentators suck! Ok, so I whined about the Gumbel turd and you took him away...thank you! But you now have brought in Mr. Boring and I have Chris Collinsworth.

I am old enough to remember when Chris played. I don't think he was all that great. I had to listen to him bitch all night about Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning! Dude, you cannot hold a candle to Peyton...not even close! Peyton just throws for over 300 yards and 3 tds but you want to go on for an hour because he dropped a snap???? The dude is human. I like to see him drop a snap occasionally so I know for sure he is not some super robot sent to Earth to ruin the NFL.

Please NFL Network...I am begging...leave Mr. Boring, but kick Collinsworth to the curb. I will take ANYONE in his place. Yes, even Joe Theismann.

Richard Collier To Be Recognized At Tonight's Game

The Jacksonville Jaguars will recognize Richard Collier on the field tonight before the game starts against the Indianapolis Colts. Collier, was paralyzed from the waist down during a shooting in September.

It should be an emotional night for the Jags team, who knows...maybe this will inspire them to win a game???

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DeMarco Murray Out Of BCS Championship

It was announced yesterday that DeMarco Murray will be out for the BCS Championship game. He injured his hamstring and will have to have surgery.

You might as well say game over for the Sooners. I really wasn't giving them much of a chance against Florida anyways but now with this info there is no way they win. Another year for all Sooners fans to be disappointed in "Chokelahoma".

Greg White Changes His Name

I am on vacation this week and while laying on the couch yesterday eating Cheetos I saw this little tidbit of info...

Greg White, a Tampa Bay lineman has gone to court and changed his name. His name is now...Stylez G. White. Seriously. That is now his name.

He took the name from the 80's movie "Teen Wolf". The sidekick of Michael J. Fox was "Stiles" Stilinski. So Greg changed the spelling a bit and went off to court to make it his own name.

I had recently been thinking of changing my name to "Alotta Fagina" but I think it would require more work than reward.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santonio In All His Glory

While looking for photos of Santonio Holmes for my last blog, I came across this photo. Yep, he is naked but has been edited by Deadspin to cover up his shuttlecock. If you would like to see the un-edited shuttlecock version, go check it out at xesalley.com.

I guess this could have been worse in many ways, Hines Ward could have been with him in the shower or a 80 year old woman. So I will be thankful that he had enough taste to be alone in the photo and not stir up anymore controversy than this already has.

If this could only have been Big Ben...

Steelers Beat? Baltimore 13-9

I hate games like this. A questionable call should not end a game like that. I am one of the biggest Steelers fans in the world and I wanted my team to win this one more than anything but I don't think that was a touchdown. Yes, his feet were in, yes he had made the catch, but the ball never crossed the plane of the goalline. I would rather this game been tied at that point and taken our chances in overtime than to get a win like this, a win that everyone says we don't deserve, that the Baltimore Ravens were "cheated".

Well, what say you? TD or no TD?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Latest Autograph Success: Phil Fulmer

Being the big Vols fan that I am, when I heard he was leaving I thought I had better send something for him to sign and quickly. Bought an 8x10 and shipped it off to the University of Tennessee.

I got it back today. As you can see from the photo, I don't think Phil gave the ink enough time to dry or his Sharpie was on empty. It is very faded. But it is personalized so that is really cool. It only took 17 days to get it back which is one of the fastest returns I have had.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

At The Airport With Matthew Riddle

I had to go on a business trip this week. I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight and I saw this guy sit down across the room in a Tapout jacket. He looked so familiar to me. Suddenly I realize I think he is Matthew Riddle from Ultimate Fighter Season 7. After watching him for a few minutes, I decided a trip to the bathroom and a couple of more looks and I would be sure it was him. I was 95% certain so I approached him. Just as I approached him, his cell phone rang. Great. Being the dumbass I am, I mouthed to him, "Are you Matthew Riddle?" He shakes his head yes. I walked away because he was having a conversation on his cell phone, I went back up towards my gate.

I see him walking towards my gate and did not want to seem like the stalker I really am so I looked away. I turn back in his direction and he is standing in front of me apologizing for being on his cell phone! I told him how much I enjoyed his fighting and watching him on the show, he thanked me and we shook hands.

We start boarding the plane and I get seated and who sits right behind me??? Yep, it was him. Ok, now I really wanted to play it cool because I did not want the poor boy to be freaked out he was sitting right near his stalker so I actually took a little nap for awhile. We were starting the descent so I turned around and asked if he would sign an autograph for my buddy Jimmy. He said sure, I borrowed pen and paper from the stewardess and that started a whole bunch of people sitting around us that had no idea who he was to start asking him. I felt really bad! When he finishes with that I start asking him questions about the show, what Forrest is really like, what Rampage was like...what it was like being locked up in a house with all those guys. I found out a few interesting things.

That season they did $70,000 of damage to the mansion they were living in.

The show kind of encourages them to have drama in the house because they are not allowed any tv, newspapers, magazines, internet or girls. No contact with the outside world.

Matthew was supposed to fight on the Lesnar/Couture card but injured himself and had to have surgery on his knee.

He said Rampage was a really super cool guy and took them out more often than they showed on tv.

I had a great time talking to him, he was super cool and I have now met my first real UFC fighter! Too bad I was too rattled to snap a photo with my cell phone. Oh well, at least Jimmy got his autograph! Check it out!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Say It Ain't So...

C.C. Sabathia has just signed with the New York Yankees. I had really hoped he would go anywhere else but there. Oh I hate the Yankees so much! So now I am depressed. I like C.C. but I can't root for him now that he has gone to the dark side.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Weird Hobby: Autographs Through The Mail

A few years ago I started reading up on folks that collect autographs through the mail. It sounded kind of cool and a relatively cheap hobby. Basically, you take common cards of players, mail them off with a return envelope already stamped and addressed back to you and write the player a nice letter. Some come back return to sender, but mostly I have had great luck with this. I joined a site that hosts a bunch of people like me (sportscollectors.net) and they supply addresses either for the teams or sometimes someone finds a home address (mainly for retired players).

Lately I have gotten a little greedy and decided sometimes, the cards are not enough. I have been buying 8x10's on Ebay and sending those. Costs much more than just the cards but sometimes you get back something really cool. Best one I have received back so far is Coach Bill Cowher, personalized to me. It looks so cool hanging on my wall.

I put up a photo of my latest success. Steelers tight end Heath Miller. I was really thrilled to get these back. He is such a great player. So from here on out, when I get one back in the mail, I will post a picture of it to share with everyone. I think the best part of this hobby is getting a surprise in your mailbox...other than an enormous bill!

Some of the folks I have acquired over the past few years are; Hines Ward, Ben Roethlisberger, Steve McNair, Shaun Alexander, Alex Smith (QB San Fran), Dominic Rhodes, Cowher, Jay Cutler, Bobby Labonte, Mark Prior, Mark Grace, Brian Urlacher, Andre Reed, Jim McMahon, Larry Johnson and Mike Golic.

If you have a few spare sports cards around, you should try it out once. It's a fun hobby.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Steelers Defense Makes Romo Look Silly

Today, Deshea Townsend is my hero. With 1:40 left in a tied game, he picked off Tony Romo and ran it 26 yards for the game winning touchdown. I cannot even begin to describe the screaming that came out of my mouth at that moment. I am in my Roethlisberger jersey, waving my Terrible Towel, jumping up and down and screaming. I even had goosebumps!

What a great win for the Steelers. If this doesn't give them confidence finishing up the rest of the season, I don't know what will. The offense struggled for most of the game but we scored when we had to. The defense was awesome, they had 3 sacks on Romo and picked him off 3 times, once for the score.

I cannot wait until next week's game against the Ravens.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Greatest Football Weekend Ever????

Not sure about all of you out there but I am pumped about the football action this weekend.

There are some excellent college games on today. I think the game I am most excited about would be Alabama vs Florida. Now, as a Vols fan, I hate both of these teams. Well, wait, I don't hate the Alabama team, I hate Nick Saban. He is the right hand man of the devil, Oprah Winfrey. So, he cannot win. I hate Florida with all my heart. I cannot even look at Steve Spurrier on tv anymore without wanting to vomit. I don't like Tebow, Percy Harvin or their coach Urban Meyer. I even hate the state of Florida, with all their old people and humid weather and hurricanes. But believe it or not, I have to root for them to upset the devil's right hand man today. I do however, refuse to do a gator chop today. Won't happen.

I think the Big 12 game is going to stink. I think the Sooners will blow up Missouri. Missouri is just not the same team they were last year.

Then there is the big game tomorrow. Pittsburgh vs Dallas. You know how much I hate the Florida Gators now...multiply that by a million and that is how much I hate the Dallas Cowboys. They are not "America's team", they are the devil's team. That's right, I think Oprah might own part of them.

I like Romo as a person, I think he seems like a nice guy, but I want to see him smacked around tomorrow. I want him smacked around so much tomorrow that Jessica has to come off her tour of bingo halls to help him recover.

I want Ben to be the Ben that throws for 200 yards and 3 TDs. I want the crowd to be as nuts as I am and I want maybe a little snow. My Tivo is set. My popcorn is ready. Bring it on T.O.!

NCAA Football 09 Just Got Better

This is my favorite game on the PS3. When I had a PS2, it was my favorite game. I love being the Vols and beating the snot out of the Gators. It makes me happy, especially since that is the only way the Vols could beat the Gators right now.

I had read somewhere about a program that people were selling on Ebay that allows you to download this file, put it on your PS3 and it will load the rosters for every college team. So instead of playing with QB#15 for Florida, it would say Tebow on the jersey and the announcers now say his name. I did a search on Ebay and found it. A mere $5! I paid for it and waited. Within the hour I had the file, unzipped it put it on a memory stick and went and loaded it on my PS3. I put the game in and holy smokes! It works! So last night I played Florida again, smashed into Tebow on the 5 yard line, caused him to fumble and my LB ran it back 95 yards for a TD. Final score Vols 21 Gators 11.

If any of you have a PS3 or game system, I recommend buying the file to load the rosters, makes it an even better game. If you have a game system and have not bought this game yet, get out there! I buy this game every year over Madden. If you hate games, I am sorry I wasted your time.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Please Welcome Guest Blogger: Chris Freas

I know this is not really sports related but my buddy wanted to share his terrible day with everyone. Chris...take er' away!

Not once, butt twice. While running errands on my lunch break toady, dodging all the holiday shoppers that just MUST get to the store before the last Tickle me fricking Elmo is gone, and doing my due diligence to obey the local traffic laws, I suddenly felt the urge to sneeze. Now I’ve learned in my 40 plus years to cover my face when sneezing or there will be a snot filled mess. So I did what I normally do, let go of the steering wheel to cover my face with both hands and prepared to contain the mess to my hands so I can later wipe them on my socks…or whatever else is around at the time. Receipts, hats, blankets, hand tools all have been used to assist me in cleaning up one of my sneezes. In the midst of the covering of my face and steering with my knees, to remain complaint with traffic laws, I let loose a very healthy sneeze. The problem was that while letting loose the sneeze, my butt hole decided that it wasn’t receiving enough attention and decided to let loose a little mess of its own. So there I sit, driving down the road with two hands full of snot, a pants full of…um….poo, all the while still steering the truck with my knees. I eventually found one of the kids art projects in the passenger seat to wipe off the sneeze goo and started my greasy 10 minute drive home. Upon arriving home I very carefully headed up the stairs to handle my little issue all the while my black lab is following my around with his nose on my rear like I was some sort of animal. The nerve.
I made it home, took a shower, burned the underwear and kicked the dog for sniffing my ass and headed back to work for the rest of my afternoon. While on a conference call, I felt another sneeze coming on. Butt this time I was prepared. Phone on mute? Check! Both hands cupped properly over my face? Check! Leaned back in my chair? Check? Legs completely straightened out and butt cheeks in ready position? Check and check!! Please keep in mind that I am on a conference call with 3 VP’s of the company, a few higher ups from our customer and a call that I am heavily involved in. Upon my sneeze my rear decided it wasn’t happy letting out a little “frustration” last time so it decided to open the gates of hell for the second time today. Fortunately I was prepared, I was able to contain the spillage with my buns of steel. However there was still a bit of a mess, the conference call was not even close to being over and there I sit. A greasy, smelly nasty butted guy, fully leaning back in my chair, legs stretched out to the max and butt still clinched. There I sat for the next 30 minutes of my call, talking as if my butt was sparkly fresh. Once the call ended I did the penguin walk to the restroom to discover that indeed my butt cheeks had contained the spill. Thank goodness as I can’t afford to keep throwing my underwear in trash cans at random spots That was my day today, December 4, 2008.

I would like to send a couple of thanks out.

1. Thanks Mom for passing along your unique ability to randomly crap your pants at the least opportune time.
2. I’d also like to thank my Mom for passing on her buns of steel.
3. My lovely wife….thanks for cooking last night. I needed a good colon cleaning. Don’t worry about supper tonight…Daddy’s bringing take out home.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Phil Fulmer Leaving Makes Me Cry

I kinda looked like this on Saturday night. Well, I am a little older than he is and um, I am female...but the tears were the same. I felt like I had to watch Phil Fulmer coach his last game being the big Vols fan I am. Well that was a damn mistake!

At the end of the game, he was given the game ball and some of his players insisted on carrying him off the field on their shoulders. That was it. That was all it took. I am bawling on my couch just like this kid. Seriously, I had to go get out a box of Kleenex. I could not turn off the tv, I just kept watching and crying. God, I am so dumb! I have no idea why I cry during sports like most girls cry while watching "Beaches" but I do!

I will miss you Phil. I am not sure about this Lane Kiffin person at all. Thanks for the Championship and all the bowl games. You were an awesome coach!

Plaxico Burress: History of Mental Illness

Ok, let me first admit when the Steelers drafted Mr. Plaxico I was pretty excited. He was big and seemed to be everything we needed in a wide receiver. Then, his rookie year, he made this awesome grab, jumped up untouched and spiked the ball down in the middle of the field. Um, Mr. Plaxico thought he was still in college I guess, but in the NFL that is a live football. Jacksonville recovers and I have hated him ever since. When the Steelers got rid of him I was thrilled.

Flash forward a few years and now look at the trouble he has gotten himself into. All of this makes me perfectly giddy! He has a history of doing dumb things and he will just keep on doing them if you let him. I am glad he is the Giant's problem now. It also gets me going that the WR I discovered in Denver at their Fan Appreciation thingie will be starting in his place. Domenik Hixson, go show them what you are made of! Make them totally forget about stupid Plaxico!