Saturday, November 7, 2009

Girls Can Be Rough Too

Elizabeth Lambert has to be Jack Lambert's kid. This is insane! They should sign this woman up to be a MMA fighter right away, she would have a bright future in that sport.

Jimmy's Frisky Friday Pick

I realize technically it is Saturday morning but I have been up most of the night taking phone calls from truck drivers so it still feels like Friday to me. So here we go with Jimmy's Friday pick.

Jimmy floods my inbox at work with pictures of lovely ladies pretty much every day. No telling what our internet/e-mail police are thinking about this...I remember seeing this name so we are going with it.

Her name is January Jones and her game is...well I am not really sure. If I were to guess with a name like that she is either an actress or a stripper. Does it really matter what she does for a living though?? I am sure all that matters is she is hot.

So here you go guys...Jimmy's Frisky Freaky Friday winner...January Jones.