Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Paragraph Turned In

Well my assignment from last week was to turn in a paragraph from a piece of work I would submit for our last assignment...could be fiction or non-fiction. The dilema I ran into was this...I have many ideas for great books or movies, etc. I am in an online class with many different people that are on different levels. There is a guy in class that has had a book published already. There is a woman in class that has finished and book and turned it into several publishers. So my thinking was...don't use your best idea. What if someone that has more connections were to take my idea and use it as their own? So I used something that I came up with when I was living in Colorado several years ago...suspense/thrilled type thing. Here is what I submitted...

"Between the Cracks"

Have you ever had the feeling that someone might be watching you? I have had that feeling ever since moving into this house. My friends and family all told me I was just being paranoid. They said that living alone for the first time causes jitters for a while until you get used to the new house. But it wasn’t like that…it wasn’t new house sounds that scared me. I could feel someone watching me. I could feel eyes crawling all over my skin while I was outside watering the lawn, when I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and as I hauled my trash out to the curb every Monday. Who would have thought that simply buying a house could almost kill you?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Something Called "Galumphing"

One of my homework assignments from last week (yes I am a little behind) was to put to use a practice called "Galumphing". Basically making something from nothing in a wild creative way. So her way to get us to do this was to pick a 3 digit number. I chose 550. Then we looked at a chart to come up with our subject matter. I got a garbage can, a car salesman and a museum. Here is what I came up with...

A garbage can, a car salesman and a museum

Many say the Smithsonian Institute is the largest and most impressive museum in the world. It may be large and impressive, but today it is the most depressing place in the world. “Jake, you are nothing but a used car salesman! You have no means to support me or provide for the family I want to start…so no, I will not marry you.” The words were still stinging my ears. I suppose I should have picked a more romantic place to propose but I thought this might work since this is the place we first met. So here I am, on a beautiful Saturday in the Smithsonian, digging through a garbage can to find the ring she just threw in the trash along with my heart.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Letting Lust Pick the Superbowl

Well, this has method has not worked so well picking winners in the playoff games. Let's just finish the season and I might have to actually look at stats or something to pick winners next year.

In the past, I would compare the quarterbacks of the teams...but honestly I am not into either Peyton "Big Forehead" Manning or Drew "Combover" Brees. So I thought maybe I should have it between the two tight ends then realized they are both pretty fugly. So that leaves me with comparing the running backs. Reggie Bush vs Joseph Addai.

Let's start with Joseph...he has dreds...very cool. But I am thinking there is a reason I could hardly find any pictures of him without his helmet on. Check it out for yourself...

Next we move to the Saints and let me tell you...ding ding ding we have a winner. Reggie Bush is hot! Kim Kardashian found herself a hottie. Check out these abs. Abs always win...Saints 34 Colts 31. Enjoy the game everyone!