Friday, October 31, 2008

NFL Rookies: Which Impress or Disappoint?

Every year I watch the NFL Combine and every year I pick out the rookies I think will be awesome NFL players. Some of my good picks include; Jay Cutler, Maurice Jones Drew and this year, Joe Flacco. Some of my bad picks; Vernon Davis, Kellen Clemons and Vincent Jackson. I do this mainly to help me with my fantasy football drafts. To get a grip on who might be worth filling in a spot on my roster and soon become the next Adrian Peterson.
So we are at the halfway point of the NFL season, which rookies impress you and which make you want to turn off the tv???
My favorites are Flacco(that catch last weekend gets him rookie of the year if you ask me!), Matt Ryan, Chris Johnson, Steve Slaton, Eddie Royal, Donnie Avery and DeSean Jackson.
Disappoints are Rashard Mendenhall, Ray Rice, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones and Glenn Dorsey.
So let me know which are you favorites and which are busts??

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday Night Football: Political Forum?

It is bad enough I have to be stressed out about the Steelers playing another NFC team on Monday night, but now I find out I have to listen to these two banter yet again??? Whose brilliant idea was this to ruin Monday Night Football?? Personally, I am sick of these two already. Let me tell you how sick I am.

I went to vote today. Oh so I lied about being out of town so I could get it over with. But did I really go in to vote on a President? Nope, I went to vote on issues in my state and our state government. First question, which one of these folks would you like to vote for to be your President of the United States...I wrote in Hillary Clinton. I have debated over and over who to vote for and I don't like either one of them. So today I come up with this idea, to write in who I would have voted for if Oprah hadn't screwed me. Oprah is the devil. The sooner you believe it the better off you will be.

So now I feel free! Just so thrilled to have it over with. All that pressure for months to make a choice is over and I feel good about what I did. Sorry to interrupt this sports blog with politics but I just had to share that the election is officially over for me. Well, except for all the ads I have to watch until that day comes.

*these are my personal feelings, they may be wrong, they may be right. please don't leave massive comments berating me for not voting for your candidate. thank you*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nuggets Start Season On a Positive Note...NOT

Yep, they are starting the season with a loss to the Utah Jazz. Great. Not sure why I wasted my time watching it other than nothing else was on tv. Not much defense and not much offense. I am ecstatic!

Granted Carmelo did not play but neither did Deron Williams for the Jazz so that should have evened things out.

On a side note, I had my first incident with Directv ever. A few months ago, while calling for another issue I asked the woman to not renew my NBA package. She told me she had cancelled it. Yesterday I was looking at my bill online and guess what I see??? That's right, NBA package added to my bill. I pick up the phone and call. The lady tells me that the season starts today so it is too late to cancel. I quickly corrected her by telling her the season doesn't "officially" start until a game is played which will be later on in the evening and would she kindly remove it off my bill. She again tells me it doesn't matter if a game has played or not, she cannot remove it, I am stuck paying all this money. I ask for a supervisor. She quickly offers me $10 off my bill per month for 4 months. I say, let's are charging me $42.50 per month for the basketball but will give me $10 off that price and I want it cancelled. Which saves me more money??? I think I would still like to talk to a supervisor. He gets on the phone and tells me he sees no record of me speaking to anyone about cancelling my NBA package several months ago. I said well obviously she forgot to do jack or it would not still be on my bill so she must have forgotten also to type in some notes about the conversation. FINALLY, the man agrees to take it off my bill.

I know times are tough, but what ever happened to the customer is always right????

Phillies Win the World Series

I wish I could get excited about this but I can't. I was rooting for Tampa to win because at least they showed me something this season. I just don't remember the Phillies doing anything remarkable. Yea, they were great in the playoffs...but I like to see a team win it that did great things all year long and plus the Rays are just the better story.
Congrats Phillies fans. Get home out of the rain and cold and brace yourselves for next year when my Cubbies when it all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Denver Nuggets: Another Season Yet to Waste

Oh yes, it is almost time for my Denver Nuggets to begin the 08-09 basketball season. Another year for me to be disappointed. Another year to get into the 1st round of the playoffs and then get beat by whomever. They traded off our best defensive weapons in Camby and Najera so I guess the goal this season is no defense, all offense. I hope it works. With all the talent on this team it is a shame to see it wasted every season. I mean really a great season for the Nuggets at this point would be to just make it past the first round of the playoffs. To actually beat someone!
Alright, enough of my negative pep talk! Come on Nuggets! I am ready for some b-ball!

Culpepper Working On Deal With Lions

When I heard today that Daunte Culpepper had turned down his meeting with the Chiefs for a better opportunity I was curious. What team could need a QB so badly and would be a better opportunity than starting for the Chiefs?? Later in the day I had to chuckle when I heard it was to play for the Lions. How is Detroit a better opportunity??? Seriously. Hey, at least the Chiefs have won a game. Herm doing his special little clap for you on the sidelines in his cute vest...what more could you ask for??

Honestly, I think it would be cool if Daunte could turn the Lions around. Herm will just have to keep searching for retired quarterbacks until he finds one to help the Chiefs out. I heard Jeff George is available Herm...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mike Singletary's Rant

I am now Mike Singletary's biggest fan. Vernon Davis has been a bust since he started. Maybe now we know why. Check this out...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

How Did the Steelers Blow That Game????

I just cannot believe we lost this game. Our defense totally shut them down and that long bomb Ben threw to Nate Washington just made that d-back look foolish. Why weren't we throwing like that all day long???? Obviously that is what we needed to do since we scored twice on the same type of play (although one was called back for holding).

Ahhhh I am so mad right now. To lead pretty much the whole game and then blow it like that in the last few minutes just kills me.

With the Redskins ahead next Monday night, I don't have too good of a feeling about it since the NFC teams seem to have our number. I gotta peel off this jersey, go have a couple of beers and hope I pass out.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 8 NFL Picks By Diddy

Well let's hope I have better luck this week I lost to Bob by points. I had 46 points for Monday night and he hit it right on the head with 48 and robbed me of my money! I found out on Sunday Bob was having his 15th stint placed in his heart so I am going to chill and let the man put it towards his medical bills. I had no idea you could have 15 stints put in! Get well Bob!

Here's to better luck this week!

Baltimore-seems like too easy of a pick so I am sure they will either lose or barely win.

Carolina- I had a tough time picking this one but I think Carolina will do ok at home.

Tampa Bay- One of my co-workers, Kim, will be at this game. She thinks she gets to sit with Romo on the bench. Just for that, I am picking Tampa to win and ruin her Romo romance.

Washington-All the teams that have not yet won a game make me nervous but I have to go with Washington in this one.

Miami- Ok, I really like the Bills in this one but Jimmy is a lifetime Bills fan and says they have always sucked playing in Miami.

New England-Gotta go with them at home. They looked really tough on Monday night.

San Diego-New Orleans without Reggie Bush is like a Big Mac without the special sauce. Gotta take San Diego.

NY Jets- If they cannot beat the Chiefs at home, Brett may need to retire for real.

Philly-Another tough game but I think McNabb will pull it off and it will help with Westbrook back.

Houston-They are on a roll and Cincinnati isn't.

Jacksonville-I suppose it depends on which Cleveland team shows up but I will take the Jags at home.

Pittsburgh-Oh yea! I am so pumped for this game. I have already got out my full size helmet (yes I sometimes wear it while I watch), my Terrible Towels and my special Steelers drinking glass (they have never lost a big game since I started drinking out of it on big game days). Not to mention I have a ton of money riding on it with some side bets I took. Bring it on ELI! We are ready for ya!

San Fran-New coach, new day. San Fran wins big.

Tennessee-Gotta love that running game and defense. Tennessee wins by a field goal.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Where Will Carano Go??

Have I mentioned I am in a depression??? Elite XC is gone. Done. No more fights. Broke. Normally it would not bother me so much but this means there is not a place for my super duper girl crush Gina Carano to fight. What will I do????
Upon hearing the news yesterday, I started taking up a collection at work...thinking maybe if we got enough money up she might come fight on our parking lot. Of course I knew we would not be able to afford another fighter so I volunteered to get in the octagon and run from her for awhile. We managed to collect $47.83. I highly doubt she will come to the middle of nowhere Missouri for that fee. Especially since she still has her American Gladiator money coming in. Drats! What now???
Someone get my Oreos and chocolate ice cream! Looks like it will be a long depression since I am not sure if I will ever get to see her fight again.

Carson Palmer Out for the Year??

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Carson Palmer might be done for the season with his elbow injury. With this news it is looking more and more like the Bengals might not get a win this season after all.
Get well Carson, see you next year!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fantasy Basketball 2008

Every year we participate in a fantasy basketball league at work. Usually for money but this year we decided just to play for free. We had a whopping 4 people show up online tonight for the draft so as you can imagine our teams are stacked. Personally I think my team rules, but maybe I am wrong. Which team wins it all?????

My team-Luke Walton's Stalkers
Chris Paul
Jason Richardson
Kevin Martin
Caron Butler
Kevin Garnett
Chris Bosh
Marcus Camby
Andrew Bynum
Rashard Lewis
Chauncey Billups
Ron Artest
Peja Stojakovic
Mike Dunleavy

Team Rim Lickers-Chris
Baron Davis
Kobe Bryant
Paul Pierce
Tracy McGrady
Dirk Nowitsky
Tim Duncan
Dwight Howard
Elton Brand
Joe Johnson
Manu Ginobili
Emeka Okafor
Kevin Durant
OJ Mayo

Team Snatch Atak- Joey
Allen Iverson
Danny Granger
Deron Williams
Shawn Marion
Antawn Jamison
Carlos Boozer
Yao Ming
Carmelo Anthony
LaMarcus Aldridge
Michael Redd
Hedo Turkoglu
Lamar Odom
Rasheed Wallace

Team Ball Crushers-Nicole
Dewayne Wade
Andre Iguodala
Steve Nash
Lebron James
Amare Stoudemire
Al Jefferson
Pau Gasol
Mehmet Okur
Rudy Gay
Vince Carter
Jose Calderon
David West
Josh Smith

Tom Brady's Career Over???

I have been listening to ESPN radio this morning and everyone has pretty much written off Tom Brady's career. It has been published on Brady's website that he has an infection in his leg and they have been trying to get rid of it.

It seems the Patriots are not too happy with Brady because he went to a family doctor instead of the one the team wanted him to use.

What a mess! The folks on ESPN are talking about scenarios involving his leg being amputated and all sorts of things. It is just hard to imagine his career might be over. I am not a fan of his but I think it would be a shame for an injury to end his career while he is in his prime.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Picks are Starting to Pay Off

I am in the running for our office football pot tonight! FINALLY! I got 10 correct from the weekend and I have picked New England tonight. The guy with 11 correct after yesterday picked the Broncos, so if the Patriots keep this up it will come down to tie-breaker points. I have 46 total and he has 48. Closest to the number without going over wins. If this can remain low scoring I might just have some cash tomorrow! YIPPPEEE!

Mike Nolan Fired in San Fran

ESPN is reporting that Mike Nolan has been fired. Reports say that the 49ers are in negotiations with Mike Singletary to replace Nolan.
It will be interesting to see what Singletary can do with this team.

Hines Ward Breaks The Jaw of Linebacker

If you have not seen this yet on ESPN, check it out. The hit looked really bad at the time and later we find out the poor guy is now out for the year with a broken jaw. I think Hines should double his play time on offense by playing fullback. Holy cow was this a hit or what???

Tampa Bay Makes A World Series Appearance

They have done it. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays will play in the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. A very close game and another win for Matt Garza.
I have a good feeling about this team. I want them to win it all because they have the 2nd lowest payroll in baseball, because they will prove that a team with a small payroll can compete and win it all. Maybe George Steinbrenner will then get a clue.
GO D-Rays!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do The Cowgirls Suck Or What???

Remember all the talk this week that the Cowboys would be so much better with Brad Johnson running the team??? Something about his calming influence. Tony, I think it is safe to say the starting QB job is yours when you are ready to come back. The Cowboys looked pathetic today and I loved it!

They are playing Tampa next week so I don't believe this will get any easier. How cool would it be if they finished the season with a losing record???

Friday, October 17, 2008

Boston Makes a Huge Comeback

Ok, I have to admit I shut off the tv early...I thought the game was over. It was 5-0 Tampa then. I heard today it went to 7-0 and then the Red Sox started coming back. I guess I missed a heck of a ball game.

I am really rooting for Tampa in this one, I like it when 2 teams make it that have not gone to the World Series in awhile.

I guess I have learned a lesson that you cannot give up on a game no matter what...miracles do sometimes happen.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 7 NFL Picks by Diddy

I have to go out of town this weekend so I thought I had better get my week 7 picks up early. Not that you should bet any large amounts of money based on my picks...mainly just because I have been doing it and it is now a habit. So here we go....

Buffalo-I like them at home and coming off the bye week.

Carolina-I think this will be close so I am going with the home team.

Chicago-This one scares me but I hope the Bears get it together and pull this one off.

Pittsburgh-Should be a win coming off the bye week.

Tennessee-Kansas City is terrible.

Miami-They have more offense than the Ravens.

NY Giants- Eli rebounds after the terrible Monday night game.

Dallas-Even with Brad as the QB they should win, unless Romo does actually blame with this bummed up finger.

Houston-Should be an easy win.

Green Bay-Another close one but I like Green Bay at Lambeau.


Washington-They will be back after the terrible performance last week.

Tampa-Do the Bucs look awesome or what???

New England-Another close one but I think they can win by a field goal.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pacman Screwed Up Again

Pacman Jones has been suspended four games by the league for the scuffle with his bodyguards.

Are the Cowboys falling apart or what??? First Romo, now Pacman, several other team members are injured as well. Heck, even the punter is out. I love it! Not that they are injured of course, just that the Cowboys are going to suck and Jerry Jones is crying. This was supposed to be his Superbowl team.

So now the NFC is wide open as well. I just love football!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Football Interrupted By a Kirby

As most of you know by now, I live for my football Sundays. I try not to leave the house after 12pm and I try not to be bothered. Well that did not quite happen yesterday.

My mailbox is out by the street so I had walked out to get Saturday's mail. I was headed back up the driveway when this woman I had seen walking down the street yells out to me. I stop to see what she wants. She says she is cleaning carpets in the neighborhood and could she clean mine because she needs a referral. Ok, now in my mind I am thinking she has a carpet cleaning business and needs like word of mouth stuff for more business. I tell her no. She said it is free. I kindly tell her that today is Sunday, the best day of the week, the day no one bothers me and I bother no one. A day for football. Not for carpet cleaning. I tell her it makes too much noise. She asks could she please just do a small area like my hallway. I am such a wimp. I say yes. Please note the time... 11:25am.

She pulls a cell phone out of her bra, yes...out of her bra. Calls someone and a large white van comes racing around the corner. Two men get out and they all come in my house. I show them the hallway, they go back out and walk back into my house with a Kirby vacuum. Girl has disappeared. Man introduces me to Alex who will be demonstrating a Kirby today and leaves. He has me get out my vacuum and clean the area first. What exactly has happened here??? I did not want to clean my house today! Ahhhhhhhh I am so stupid! He runs his machine over where I had just sucked up some dirt and shows me this filter that hardly has any dirt on it at all. "See all this??? Your vacuum does not work!" Hmmmmmm. I had no idea I was so filthy. Then he decides he should do my dining room. Please note the time is now NOON. I am beginning to have a panic attack. He runs the vacuum over the dining room floor getting again, hardly any dirt. He tells me that the Kirby has 88 uses or something like can even be used to paint a room. Well isn't that just great??? He asks me would I be able to swing $90/month for this $2000 vacuum. I said, "Hell no! Are you kidding me? A vacuum for $2000????" He said he liked me and would give it to me for $1500. Now we are getting somewhere. NOT! I tell him as kindly as possible. "Sir, if I had $1500 in credit to buy anything in the world, I would buy a laptop computer so I could blog wherever I go, not for something that makes me spend more time CLEANING MY HOUSE!" He knocks it down to $1000 and says he will make my monthly payments only $30/month. Again, I say no. He then shampoos my dining room. It seriously looked no better. Please note the time is now 1:00pm!

A friend shows up to do her laundry at my house. Walks in and says loudly, "What's this?" I explain he is with Kirby and doing a demonstration. She looks at me and says loud enough for him to hear, "If you buy one you are seriously a dumbass." With that she marches right into my bedroom and shuts the door. Please, someone help me get this man out of my house! He asks to borrow MY cell phone for the 4th time now. Comes back in and asks would I buy the machine. I again say NO. He tells me how disappointed he is because he won't get his trip to Mexico now. Like I give a shit at this point! He is lucky I did not get out a knife and stab him! I have seriously missed some major football time by now. He informs me that he has to take it all apart and pack it back up. I say, "Fine" and head back to the living room where I stand watching football. Please note the time is now 1:30pm.

He wanders into the living room and tells me he has it all packed up but will need to go over a survey with me. Oh my GOD! I sit there and answer all the questions including, "We would just need $199 down to leave this wonderful machine in your home. If you cannot afford $199, tell me how much you could pay us today." I looked at him and said, "How about $2 and a few Coke bottle caps?" I think he could then sense I was about to lose my patience. He then offers me the machine for $500! I again say NO. He quickly used my cell phone AGAIN and called the rescue team to come pick him up. I escort him to the door, thank him for cleaning my carpet and say goodbye. The time is now 2:05pm. I collapse into my recliner. Lesson learned: Never ever ever set foot outside my house on a Sunday no matter what!

Romo Out 4 Weeks With Broken Pinkie Finger

Tony Romo will be out for around 4 weeks with a broken pinkie finger. Brad Johnson will have to fill in for Romo. This is not looking good for the Cowboys (giggle, giggle). They have St. Louis, the new giant slayers next week, then Tampa Bay and the best of all, the Giants. I am loving this so much, I cannot stand it. I really like Romo, but I just hate the Cowboys so much and I know Jerry Jones spent all morning puking his guts up so I can't help but to giggle a little bit.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The History of My Family and Mickey Mantle

This photo hangs in the hallway of my home. Guests that visit my house have to pass it on the way to the restroom so I get all sorts of questions about it. Most think my stories are pretty cool so I thought I would share one with you all.

The photo is of Mickey Mantle, his friend Marshall Smith and my grandfather, Clarence Burggraf. My grandfather owned and operated a tire chain in Quapaw,Oklahoma. Mickey grew up in a town not too far away called Commerce. Marshall introduced Mickey to my grandfather and told him about Mickey's tire being manufactured. My grandfather quickly signed up to be a retailer of the tire. Mickey is pointing at his tire in the photo. Over the years, my grandfather came to know Mickey and was around him a few times. One of the funniest stories my family tells on Mickey is when he first came to my grandfather's house to meet his kids.

Mickey was in town for a party. The party was not too far from my grandfather's house so he asked Mickey would he mind going over to meet his three kids. Mickey quickly agreed and soon they arrived at the house. My mother being the oldest remembers this the best. Mickey came in and she could tell even as a child, he had drank too much that day. She had worked hard that morning baking an oatmeal cake for the family's dessert that night. Mickey came in, said hello, rubbed the kids on the head and made his way into the kitchen. He spots my mom's cake on the stove and walks over to it. Before anyone could say a word, he stuck his hand into my mom's cake and shoved a handful in his mouth. He finished chewing it and looked down at my mom and said, "Did you make this?" Her eyes were as wide as saucers, she could not believe what she had just seen. "Yes," she says. He looks down at her and says, "That was the best goddamn meatloaf I have ever had!" There are other stories, but that one by far is the funniest.

I also got to meet Mickey a few times, got a few baseballs signed. I wish I could say it was a pleasant experience but more often than not he was rude. I guess maybe it was all the years of signing autographs and dealing with just got old.

I wish now that I had understood just how important he was to the game of baseball. I wish I would have talked to him more, asked him a few questions. How often is it that you get to hang around a legend?

Diddy's Pick Week 6

My picks are so bad, I am sure a caveman could do better! But I am still in the running for the year end pool at work. I am tied with Kim, a payroll clerk who knows more about high school football than the pros so I need to step up my game. Let's hope it starts this week. Here are my picks:
Chicago-This one makes me nervous, because Atlanta is tough at home.
Houston- I flip-flopped on this one for 2 days. I think the Texans have been so close so many times, this time they actually full off a win.
Indianapolis- Another tough one to pick. I am not sure what is wrong with Peyton but I am hoping he figures it out today and beats a tough Baltimore D.
Minnesota- At home, with a great D and Detroit has to go without Kitna.
New Orleans- They should not have lost that Monday night game, they get back on track this week.
New York Jets- Bengals without Palmer today, easy pick.
Carolina- I like them! They are a pretty good team. I think they squeek this one out by a field goal.
Washington- The Redskins roll on.
Denver-This will be a tough game, but I like Denver at home.
Dallas-I hope they lose but I think they have a slightly better D and pull this off by a TD.
Philly-Even without Westbrook I think they can win this one easily.
Green Bay-No Hasselbeck today, Green Bay has the better D. Gotta take Green Bay on the road.
San Diego-I orginally picked New England, then I remembered that the past 2 years the Patriots have kicked the Chargers out of the playoffs. Surely they want to beat this team.
NY Giants- Too easy. Cleveland sucks.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Mom, The Sooners and Bob Griese

I got my love of football from my mom of all people. Growing up there was always a football game on in our house. My mom, being born and raised in Oklahoma always watched college football on Saturdays so she could see what was going on with her Sooners.

Her favorite NFL team at the time was the Miami Dolphins. The sole reason was she was in love with Bob Griese. Yes, I know...Bob Griese. The man that actually wore glasses to throw a ball around.

Her love for Bob and the Dolphins was so great that she decided to buy tickets to go watch Bob play the Atlanta Falcons one year. I think I was seven at the time. Two days before we were to drive down, my 2 year old little sister got really sick. My mom took her to the Dr. and he told my mom there was no way the little turd could travel. Did this stop my mom was being in the same stadium with Bob???? NO WAY! She got one of her best friends to watch my sister that weekend so we could go. Nothing pleases me more than to tell my sister that Bob Griese meant more to my mom than her. After that weekend, my mom had a local artist paint an oil painting of Bob Griese. I wish I were kidding. It is huge! She hung it in our living room. My father would just roll his eyes and laugh.

Many years later, I was in bed one night and the phone rang. It was so late that I immediately thought something was wrong. I picked up the phone and it was my mother. "Chanin, turn it on the Home Shopping Network! Hurry!" I get up and turn it on and there on Home Shopping is the one and only Bob Griese selling autographed 8x10 photos. I said, "Oh that's great Mom. You should buy one." She starts reading me her credit card number over the phone. I said, "You want me to buy it for you?" She says, "Yes and ask them to let you speak to him and tell him your mother loves him so much." Oh God! So here I go, calling Home Shopping to talk to Bob. I had tried to convince my mother to talk to him but she said absolutely not that she would be so nervous she would stutter and mess up. I got through to Home Shopping and got to talk to Bob. Here is the conversation that took place...

Me: "Hi Bob!"

Bob: "Hi, thanks for buying one of my pictures."

Me: "Well I have to say it is not for me, it is for my mother, she loves you. Bob, she loves you so much that she had an oil painting done of you and to this day it hangs in her living room."

Bob: "My mom has an oil painting of me in her living room as well." Big laugh.

Me: "Bye Bob"

My mother phoned me nearly in tears since she watched the whole thing go down on tv. "Thank you so much! Good night!" A few weeks later she received that autographed 8x10 and to this day, it sits on a bookcase in her house. She hates the Dolphins now, "That damn Jimmy Johnson ruined it for me, that cocky little bastard." She pretty much has given up on rooting for a NFL team but she still loves those Sooners.
I know today, she is in her OU long sleeve t-shirt, with her OU Crocs on and has that teddy bear beside her that when you squeeze the belly it plays ,"Boomer Sooner" to which she sings along with. I hope the Sooners beat the Longhorns today or else she will be in a terrible mood all weekend. She was talking about today's game two weeks ago, already getting wound up about it.
Mom, thanks for loving football so much because you molded me into the football nut I am today.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blogging From Work...

Sometimes, like today, I blog from work. I work for a trucking company as a dispatcher/customer service person. I hate it. I talk to truck drivers all day long and basically I feel I am nothing more to them than a human ATM machine. All my conversations are pretty much about loading money on cash cards. No " how are you doing today", nothing...just "I need money now"! I can feel my intelligence shrinking by the minute doing this job.

I have started blogging more and more from work and I wonder how long it will take for our internet Nazi's to realize what I am doing. Can I be fired for blogging as long as I get the money loaded on the cash cards??? What are the rules? Does anyone else blog from work or am I the only bored and un-inspired person out there???

Ocho Cinco Kissed A Boy and He Liked It?

Chad Johnson acknowledged yesterday kissing his head coach, Marvin Lewis on the cheek during their game with Dallas on Sunday.

"He whispered something in my ear that I really liked, so I kissed him," Ocho Cinco said.

Well at least he is somewhat entertaining because he sure hasn't done anything to help his team out this year.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pacman Jones Throws Down With Bodyguard

According to, Pacman Jones was involved in an incident last night at a hotel in Dallas.

It seems Pacman has been staying at this hotel and might have been drinking. The report says a bathroom was busted up during an altercation with his bodyguard. Who fights with their own bodyguard??? What kind of sense does that make??

I personally don't think they should have allowed him back in the league. He should be playing arena football someplace right now or maybe be a permanent guest on the Jerry Springer Show.

I can't wait to see what happens with this. The report says that, "NFL Security has been notified and is investigating." This might be the end of Pacman.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Luke Walton Harassed by Tasteless Stalker

Poor Luke Walton was being stalked by a woman. He refused to sign an autograph for her and that seemed to make her go a little wacky so the next time she saw him she pointed her finger at him and acted like she was shooting a gun.

That is some intense stuff right there. First of all, he should be thankful he had a woman after him at all. He is a little weird looking and not that great of a basketball player. Why not sign something for the poor lady??? He cannot have that many fans asking for autographs. It's not like he is Kobe for crying out loud.

When she gets out of jail, she needs to work on her stalker techniques.

Rule number 1: Stalk someone worthy of stalking. A few names comes to mind, Dewayne Wade, Lebron James or even Chris Paul. If you are gonna serve the time, do up the crime. That's my motto anyways.

Rule number 2: Never make motions like you might harm your prey. That tends to make them a little uneasy and more likely to call the police. It makes it hard to get in their circle of trust if you start acting like you just got out of a mental institution.

Rule number 3: If all else fails, flash your weapons of mass destruction. This mainly only works while stalking men, but some women have been known to enjoy it as well. *I will name no names to protect the innocent prey. Her name starts with an "E" and she has a talk show and she is married to a blond chick that was on "Arrested Development".*

My new book, "Stalking for Dummies" will be in bookstores this spring.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Top 10 Sports Celebrities That Might Cause Me to Poop My Pants If I Were to Meet Them

I had a dream last night that I was a friend of Ben Roethlisberger. I assume it was because of watching his performance on Sunday Night football and who wouldn't want to be his friend after that. So I started thinking about all the athletes I have looked up to over the years and which ones of those, if I actually had the chance to meet them, might make me scream and cry and poop my pants. I thought I would share my list with you and maybe you leave me comments with your list. You might notice a lack of Chicago Cubs on my list. That is because I want to kick most of them in their sacred region right now. I am a little bitter.

10. Gina Carano- If you ever read my blogs you will know that I love her. Maybe too much?? I think she is way cool and a super awesome fighter. An inspiration to women everywhere.

9. Forrest Griffin- I have followed him since the Ultimate Fighter Season 1. I love watching him fight because he has heart, he will never give up no matter what and he is tough.

8. Larry Bird- Growing up, I loved the Celtics. I have such great memories of Larry playing. I almost did meet him once. He was playing in a charity golf tournament in Arkansas and I went to watch. I was walking towards the driving range and noticed this swarming crowd headed my way. I looked up in time to see Larry grab my shoulders and move me out of his way. He touched me! Yes, I did soil myself.

7. Pat Summit- Growing up in Tennessee you just have to love the Vols. Pat has always been an inspiration to me in that a woman can do just as many great things as a man can do.

6. George Brett-I played t-ball pretty well when I was a kid. After my parents divorced, my mom moved us to Missouri. That is where I fell in love with George Brett. I had George Brett cleats, a glove, a bat and a t-shirt. I was the female George Brett. I begged to play 3rd base but as close as I got was one season at shortstop. I tried to explain to my two female coaches my need to play 3rd but they never got it. I would stand out at shortstop and scream, "Hey bitches! Put me on 3rd or I drop the next pop fly!" Ok, maybe I didn't say it out loud but I was thinking it!

5. Ben Roethlisberger-What can I say? I love him. I think he is great. I want to be his friend. Or his sister. Or his girlfriend. Or his maid. Or his waitress. I just want to be near him. Yes, I have a problem.

4. Michael Jordan- He and Larry are the only reasons I ever watched basketball. I don't watch it so much anymore. I like Carmelo but I don't think he will ever compare to Bird or Jordan. Jordan was just so special. One year when he was playing with the Wizards, I spent over $600 for a pair of tickets to see him play in Dallas on Christmas Eve. We got a terrible snowstorm here that day and my flight was cancelled. I cried for a very long time, not sure if it is because I missed seeing Jordan play or the fact that I had just lost $600.

3. Muhammad Ali-He is the greatest of all time. We will never see another Ali.

2. Tiger Woods-I play quite a bit of golf so I know how difficult the sport is. I also know how easy Tiger makes it look. He has made golf cool.

1. Terry Bradshaw-Oh I know, he is probably not on any lists but mine. That's ok. I idolize the man. I grew up in the 70's watching Terry light it up. After my parents divorced, Terry divorced his wife. I told my mom, "Um, hey, can you marry Terry Bradshaw now? I would like him to be my dad."

I had a Terry Bradshaw bike. I slept in his jersey. I had a poster of him on my bedroom wall when most little girls my age had posters of David Cassidy or Rick Springfield. He is it for me, my all-time sports idol. As much as I was jealous of the little boy in the Coke/Mean Joe Greene commercial, I would have told Joe to shove his jersey where the sun don't shine for a chance to spend two minutes talking to Terry Bradshaw.

That is my list. I would like to see yours. These lists are what makes us the crazy sports fans that we are.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Breaking News: Matt Schaub Out Today!

Matt Schaub was in the hospital last night and was too weak to come out and warm up this morning so he will not play today according to the CBS Pre-game show.
Set your fantasy lineups accordingly.

Breaking News: Aaron Rodgers Will Start Today

I just heard on NFL Radio that Aaron Rodgers will start today against the Atlanta Falcons. Set your fantasy lineups accordingly.

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Week 5 Picks By C-Diddy

My co-workers nicknamed me C-Diddy many years ago. Sometimes they just call me Diddy. I am not sure why they call me this but I kind of like it. I supposed it is better than being called Puffy.

I am also known as the office bookie. I put together an office pool and I am now officially the leader for the end of the year pool. For those worried that I might cheat, my picks are photocopied on Fridays and left with this chick that has no idea what a football is. So my lead is legit.

Here are my free Week 5 picks:

Tennessee-it will be a tough game but I think with Baltimore coming off the Monday night game, Tennessee has a slight edge.

Carolina- I still don't believe in the Chiefs.

Chicago- Matt Forte will run all over Detroit today.

Green Bay- Aaron Rogers or not, they should win this one.

Houston- Oh yes, my upset special. I think the Texans have figured out how to use Steve Slaton properly.

San Diego- I think they will get on a roll soon and run all the way to the playoffs.

NY Giants- I think this will be close but I like the Giants at home.

Philly- Another close one but I think Philly should squeak this one out.

Tampa- I like their defense so much more than Denver's. I think Griese will be motivated going back to Denver to play.

Arizona- It seems everyone is picking Buffalo in this one but I think the Cardinals will steal this one at home by a field goal.

Dallas- Ok, I hate the Cowboys and nothing would make me happier than to see the lowly Bengals whip their asses, but I don't think it is going to happen.

New England- I hate them, but have to pick them in this one.

Pittsburgh-I believe I was the only one to pick the Steelers this week and that is fine. I am sure I am the only one in the office that remembers it was the bastard Jaguars that kicked us out of the playoffs last year. Revenge will be sweet.

New Orleans- This was a tough one to pick. I gotta go with the home team.
That is it. I made some risky picks and I hope and pray they pay off to make my lead even larger for the year end pool.

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The Cubs Blow It AGAIN!

I really don't want to talk about this too much this morning because I am honestly sick about this. Not only were the Cubs swept by the Dodgers but we were outscored 20-6! It wasn't even close!

I don't want to talk about next year. I am tired of putting all my hope in next year's team. It was supposed to be THIS year! We kicked ass all season long just to get swept??? I am beyond frustrated. I have gathered all my Cubs crap and I am seriously considering having a huge bonfire tonight before the Steelers game.

I hate people who switch teams every season but I am almost to that point. I may have to start loving Boston because at least they are in it every year and don't get swept in the 1st round. Or maybe the Royals, because at least I know every season they have no shot at doing anything. I think that would be easier to deal with.

Ok, I am done. Goodbye baseball season. It is over for me now. I could care less who wins the World Series. I will now focus on my Steelers. See ya in the spring!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gina Carano Bad Ass on CBS Tonight!

Gina Carano will fight Kelly Kobold tonight in a bout on CBS. Oh and Kimbo Slice will fight Ken Shamrock, but I am not really interested in that.

Nope, I am all about Gina Carano. My friends tell me I have what is called a "girl crush" on her. I would almost call it borderline obsession/stalkerism. I love to watch this woman fight. She just totally dominates and for some reason that thrills me. I even fantasize sometimes of being in the ring with her and being able to take a punch from her and still stand. I know. I am weird. But I can't help it. I guess she is kind of my idol. She does something that I would love to do but I know I cannot. How do I know I can't take a punch??? I got hit in the nose with a basketball during a pickup game once and wanted to immediately check into the hospital for a week. I have a very low tolerance for pain. I feel all tough on the inside but I know if I got in the ring with her I would probably just run around a lot and cry.

So I need your help tonight. I have heard many rumors about Elite XC not having very good numbers and might be headed to becoming non-existent. The reason I am so freaked out about this is because Elite is the only "big league" MMA circuit that allows women to fight. UFC will not. If this goes away, I will never see Gina fight again. I am asking that even if you don't like this fighting stuff, just tune in for a little while. You are going to see a great fight. Kelly Kobold is very experienced and has a nice 17-2 career record. I don't think she can handle Gina's stand up but I could be wrong. This could be one heck of a fight. Both ladies weighed in one pound over their 140 limit, Carano even had to completely strip to make that. It will be a great fight, you won't be disappointed. Did I mention she is kind of hot guys??? So there is an added bonus for tuning in. Be there or be choked out!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Cubs Are Breaking My Heart

OH MY GOD! Did they seriously just lose two games at home??? Not only lose but get slaughtered! I am in such a depression I could hardly drag myself to work today. But I am here, blogging from work. Wonder how long it will be before I get fired for blogging at work???? Do I really care??? Ahhhhhhhhhh I am sooooooooooo depressed.
I realize the Cub players have the weight of the world on their shoulders but come on! I am hoping that maybe a trip to LA will take some pressure off and they will tie up the series. I still have a little hope left, but not much.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cubs Lose First Game in Series, Let the Crying Begin

Let the tears begin, not tears of joy this time, but tears of sadness. The Cubs blew it tonight. They started hot with a 2-0 lead and then gave up a grand slam home run and that was pretty much it.

It is very important to win the 1st game of the series playoffs, the team that wins the first game of the series goes on to win it outright 85% of the time ( Um, that is just not good news. I feel sick right now.

I don't know how much more I can give to this franchise. I had on my Cubs bracelet, hat, t-shirt and Cubbie blue underwear. I cheered as much as humanly possible. I feel drained and it is only game 1. If they lose this series I am not sure I will recover. I am so tired of saying, "well there is always next year."

I won't give up on them just yet, there are possibly still 4 more games to be played. Gotta keep the faith for now, but I have to admit I am starting to lose it.

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