Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Burress Moving Into The Big House

Plaxico Burress was carted off today to begin his two year prison sentence for a gun charge. Burress' one night of fun has now cost him playing time in the NFL, watching his son grow up and witnessing the birth of his 2nd child. I sure hope he had a great time on the night he shot himself in the leg.

Hanging out in clubs with a loaded weapon is just not an intelligent move. I know many of the players feel like they need protection when they go out in public but why not hire a bodyguard?

Well, Plax another not so smart decision on your part. Maybe you will learn from your mistake and come out a better person. I imagine lesson #1 will be something like...getting hit by Brian Urlacher is so much better than getting tagged by Rico the rapist.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tomlinson Out Vs Ravens This Weekend

Ladainian Tomlinson will be out this Sunday vs the Baltimore Ravens. He has an ankle injury that is giving him issues. Set your fantasy lineups accordingly. Darren Sproles and Michael Bennett will fill in.

Jimmy's Freaky Frisky Friday

This week's Freaky Frisky Friday pick is none other than "Gossip Girl" diva, Blake Lively. Jimmy has been bugging me for months to put her up for him but since I love watching "Gossip Girl" I have a hard time liking her because of her annoying voice. But as Jimmy says, "Dudes don't give a shit about a chick's voice." Good to know...

Gentlemen, your Frisky Friday hottie...Blake Lively...enjoy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Down One To Go...

The Madden curse is alive and well. Troy Polamalu is out 3-6 weeks after being injured in the first game of the season so now we just wait to see what happens to Larry Fitzgerald. I am predicting he will be injured in the Week 7 game against the NY Giants. Kind of like the office pool for baby due dates but with football injuries...

When will the players stop jumping on the cover of this game??? If I were playing and was asked I would run and hide. I don't care how much was offered to me. Here is a brief history of the curse...

2002-Culpepper on the cover. He was injured for 4 games. Minnesota finished 5-11.
2003-Marshall Faulk. Was not injured but had his worst rushing season to date.
2004- Michael Vick. Broke his leg, missed 11 games.
2005-Ray Lewis. Did not record an interception for the 1st time in his career.
2006-Donovan McNabb. Suffered a hernia and was out for the rest of the season.
2007-Shaun Alexander. Missed 6 games with a broken foot. Dude went away after that.
2008-Vince Young. Didn't play so bad other than 9 TDs and 17 interceptions but what has he done since???
2009-Brett Favre. Do we even have to talk about what has happened to him?????
2010-Polamalu out...Fitzgerald to follow...stay tuned.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fantasy Football Lineup Update

Get on your computer quickly...Matt Cassel is out today against the Baltimore Ravens. What was going to be a terrible game already, just got so much worse.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Season Has Arrived!

Here you go fellas, a nice photo of hot chicks holding the Lombardi trophy. I say fellas because I know most chicks read the title of the blog and skipped over to the HGTV website.

Today is the day I live for. The start of the NFL season. My heart is pounding...I am alive again. Tonight the Steelers play the Titans to kick off the season. I cannot wait mainly because I am a Steelers freak and after the incident last season where the Titans players (mainly fattie Lendale White) stomped all over the Terrible Towel, I want these bastards to pay. Final score 64-0 Pittsburgh. Titan jerks. Lendale White held to -24 yards rushing and he gets so upset he calls Dominos to deliver to the sidelines so he can feed his face. You don't mess with the towel. You just don't.

I am a fanatic, what can I say? I am a member of my team, I wear the jersey...I feel the pain and I rejoice for Superbowl victories. To me, today is better than Christmas. For the next 6 months I will not move from my recliner on Sundays. It starts today...a new beginning for all 32 teams. Can you feel it???

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone had a great fun-filled, relaxing Labor Day weekend. I know I did.

Back to work tomorrow. Be safe!

Stafford Named Starting QB in Detroit

Matthew Stafford has been named the starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions today.

I don't think Detroit could go wrong with this move. After a miserable season last year, the best thing for them is a fresh start with their number one draft pick learning under the gun. They can't get any worse right???

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jimmy's Frisky Freaky Friday

This week Jimmy has picked a woman that is long overdue to be on the blog...Ms. Carrie Underwood. Pretty much every song Carrie puts on country radio goes to #1, plus she is easy on the eyes. Can't beat that combo. I only dream of having legs that look like that.

Carrie is known to sports fans for dating Tony Romo for a bit and now NHL player Mike Fisher. She must love the jocks. Well Carrie, welcome to the elite...you are officially been picked as a Jimmy Frisky Freaky Friday lady.