Sunday, November 30, 2008

That's Right! Steelers Win Again!

That's right Mike! The Steelers did it again. An impressive win today in New England, 33-10. James Harrison rules. I thought if the game lasted much longer he would have at least 3 more forced fumbles because Cassel could not figure out how to avoid getting the ball stripped out of his hands. Game ball to Mr. Harrison.

I have a theory about Belichick. He wears what I think is a magical hoodie most days. I am sure you have seen it...Patriots sweatshirt with cuffs cut off the arms. My theory is when he wears this, he wins. Almost always. But today, because of all the rain, he had to keep it covered and it could not work its demon magic on the Steelers. Or it could be because our defense kicks ass! Who knows? All that is important is that we beat the evil Patriots by a large margin on their home field and Randy Moss stunk the joint up dropping balls all over. Hooray Steelers!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Are You Thankful For?

Well, I have family coming in tomorrow so I doubt I get much blogging time this weekend. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a safe, fun, turkey and pumpkin pie filled Thanksgiving!

Back when I had a big family that all still spoke to each other we would celebrate Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. They had the biggest dining room table I have ever seen and we could all fit around it. There were 6 of us grandchildren and each year it seemed like one of us had a different boyfriend or girlfriend. So our family prank on the new person would be to act like we have this family tradition of standing up and saying what we are most thankful for. Well you can imagine as a new person in a family you really just want to go under the radar and get out as soon as possible but that would never happen. Those were some of the funniest times, watching some guy's face turn blood red as he would stand up and try to think of something. None of them ever came up with very funny answers...mostly they would say like family or something. For once I wanted to hear one say, "I am thankful that I am not a member of this f*&$@# up family!" Oh well.

So what are you most thankful for this year? Come are on the spot!

NFL to Broadcast 3D Game in Theaters

The NFL is going to broadcast the game next week between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders in 3D at select theaters. The theaters selected are in New York, Boston and Los Angeles.

Can you imagine if this takes off? Who would not pay $25 or $50 to go sit in a theater full of NFL fans and have the feeling of being right there in the game??? I think they could have picked a better first game to try this but hey I am just glad it might be something we see in the future. Of course, I will never see it in the small town I live in but I am willing to travel baby.

God I love the NFL.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Best Sports Movie Ever???

Well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while the majority of my Turkey Day is taken up watching football, sometimes I do like to rent a stack of movies for Friday and veg out.

I have been debating about what movies to rent, I think I have seen most of the new least the ones I wanted to watch so I need something different. My first thought was sports movies.

What is your all time favorite sports movie? I would have to say mine is "Hoosiers". Not by choice, it is one of my mother's favorite movies and I was forced to watch it at least 1000 times. It is a great movie though. Here is my top 10 list...

1. Hoosiers
2. Rocky
3. Bull Durham
4. Rudy
5. Caddyshack
6. Raging Bull
7. Field of Dreams
8. The Natural
9. Remember the Titans
10. Miracle

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Road Trip to Oklahoma Today

Well I am up early so I can head off to Oklahoma. My father is visiting my sister today at her house so I am going to drive over and visit everyone. He is not in very good health and had to find someone to drive him over here so the least I can do it get up early and go spend the day with him (our relationship has been weird since he re-married the devil).

I have already informed my sister that if I am not allowed to watch the Texas Tech game tonight there will be hell to pay. I am so excited about this game, I hope it lives up to the hype.

Today is a day when a laptop would come in I will sign off from blogging anymore today and I think I should be back tomorrow in time for the NFL! Hallelujah!

Friday, November 21, 2008

If You Were Commish For A Day...

If you were the commissioner of the NFL for a day what would you do? What would you change? What new ideas do you have for the NFL?

I think first on my list would be to cut down the pre-season games to 2, then add 2 real games to the end of the season. Pre-season is so boring and it seems someone great is getting injured before the season starts. I would like to get rid of them totally but for my day we will reduce it and see what happens.

Pacman goes away, for good.

So does Michael Vick.

1000 tickets will be given away to attend the Superbowl to fans every year.

Put in a 800 number so fans can call and leave voicemails with ideas about how to make the league better.

Speed up the draft.

Agree to a deal with the cable companies so everyone sees NFL Network games (I am so tired of my friends complaining so much).

Make the Kickoff Night an official holiday and let everyone off work to tailgate all day!

So, what are your ideas? Serious or funny. Let's hear em'!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Steelers Win 27-10 Over Da Bengals

Well I should have known better than to bet against my team. Oh yes, I took the mentally challenged team getting the 11 points tonight and I should have known Ben was going to punish me for it. I guess my money trend does not apply to the lousy Bengals. I can't remember which WR it was that dropped all those easy 3rd down catches but he should be fired.

While we are firing folks, what is up with the new Steeler's punter???? We need to get a new one before we play any difficult games.

All in all it was a great win, and I suppose it is better for me to lose money than my team to lose a game to the Bengals.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It Is Official...I Like Tony Romo

Not sure if you have seen this yet, but Tony Romo not only bought a homeless man a movie ticket, but then sat next to him during the movie.

The homeless guy was just cashing in some change at the movie theatre and who walks up but Mr. Romo...Romo said he would buy the guy a movie ticket. Homeless man did not realize who he was at first and told him maybe some other time. Homeless guy (Doc) asked the guy behind the counter, "Was that Tony Romo?" Guy says, yes. Homeless guy runs over to the business that allows him to pass out fliers for money and asks for the day off. Runs back across the street to the movies and goes in. Romo waves him over and tells him to sit down. Doc tells Romo, I don't smell so great and Romo says that's ok, I am used to locker rooms.

"For me, it was a blessing," Doc said. "It came at just the right time. It gave me some encouragement and faith in mankind. I just wanted to say thank you."

Fine, I tried to hate him but now I cannot. I hate everything Dallas Cowboys, that's right! Even the cheerleaders. But now with this I cannot help but to really like this guy. Changing strangers tires on the side of the road and now buying movie tickets for homeless folks. I am now puzzled even more why he is with Jessica Simpson.

Pacman! Hey! Are you paying attention??? This is how you should be acting buddy! Get with the Romo program!

Pacman Back in the NFL

How in the world did this happen??? How many chances is this bum going to get??? I am now personally rooting against him. I think I will start shipping cases of booze to the Cowboys locker room for him.

I would assume if he screws up one more time he is out. You know it is going to happen. I can't wait.

Brady Quinn: Beefcake or Quarterback?

Yea, this is a pic of Brady at my house last night. What can I say?? I get around.

I would like to take a moment to discuss Brady and his muscles. Now, as a female, I think he has a pretty hot bod. But as a football observer, I think he looks like a weirdo in his uniform. I don't know, it just looks like his arms are too big and make it difficult for him to throw a ball. Is anyone with me on this? I personally like my honey Big Ben's arms. He has arms that look like they were meant to throw footballs all over a field. Maybe I am a little biased?

Letter to Mom and Dad...This Could Have Been Me!

Dear Mother and Father,
Thanks so much for not sending me to this awesome basketball academy where I too could have been a dribbling superstar. Who knows??? Possibly, I could have been the WNBA MVP this year, but no. I got a whole lot of nothing. You forced me to do nothing but eat my veggies and look where that got me??? Do you think Tiger would be Tiger if not for Earl standing behind him pushing him to swing that club??? NO! All I am sayin' is this could have been me at age 5...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cubs Sign Dempster To 4 Years Too Many

Am I missing something here? Ryan Dempster had one good year and gets a 4 year $52 million dollar contract from the Cubs. If the team that I lovingly refer to as my stupid bastard Cubbies want to spend some money, then sign Jake Peavy for shit sake! If that is not enough money, go buy someone else to go along with him. I am down with letting Kerry Wood go, it is about time that happened...but to sign this guy to this big of a deal???? No way.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thursday Night Football:Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati

For many years I had what some might call an addiction to gambling on football games. I had a bookie. I placed bets, collected money and paid out money.

When I was involved in this I studied trends like crazy. I would buy books, read stats online, etc. One thing I learned in gambling is that if a home teams plays 3 straight games at home, they will lose game #3. Sounds weird huh? But it happens all the time.

When I was looking at the Steeler's schedule today, I saw that Thursday night will be home game #3 for the Steelers. So ever since then I have been having just a slight panic attack about this game. Maybe they will only not cover the spread...maybe they will give like 10 pts to Cincy and only win by 7. I could live with that. This game is making me so nervous now. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Polamalu Interception Video

Look what I just found on You Tube...the amazing interception Polamalu made this afternoon. Check it out!

Steelers Get Big Win Against Chargers 11-10

Well it was not pretty but the Steelers got the win today. Ben did an awesome job this week, throwing for over 300 yards and without an interception! The Chargers offense looked pretty bad against the Steelers pressure defense but the play of the game was that interception by Troy Polamalu. How he caught that ball is unbelieveable. It looked like he used a finger to kind of flick the ball up and then cradled it in. It was beautiful! If I can find a clip on You Tube I will get it posted this week.

Cincinnati is coming up on Thursday night. Short week against a team that is improving every week. They gave the Eagles fits all day and should have won the game. I can't wait until Thursday night!

Brock Lesnar Is A Beast

Well most of the fights last night did not last very long at all. The title fight lasted a little longer than I thought it would. I really did not think Couture would be able to get out of the first round, although I really wanted him to win the fight.

Lesnar is just massive. There really isn't any other word to describe it. If that man laid on top of me I would probably cry. I can only imagine what I would do if he popped me pretty hard near my temple as Couture got to experience on Saturday night. Then to get hit over and over and over in the head after that just might do me in. I think any man willing to get in the octagon with Lesnar is a very brave man.

It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

UFC 91: Lesnar vs Couture...I am Pumped!

I just ordered up this fight on Pay Per View and I can hardly wait until tomorrow night. Randy finally gets back in the ring.

I hope this fight will live up to the hype. Lesnar is a big beast. Couture is going to look like a little person up next to him. I am rooting for Couture but I am afraid Brock is going to beat his head in.

My buddies Jimmy and Derek are coming over to watch it with me. Derek has never seen a UFC fight so hopefully we can get him hooked. I have to run to the store in the morning to get some snacks. Not really sure what snacks are good from 9pm until midnight. I am thinking chips and peanuts. Any ideas what a couple of guys will freak out over as far as snacks go???? Come on guys I need your help here...

Goodbye Kerry Wood

With the Cubs signing Kevin Gregg yesterday, they made it perfectly clear that Kerry's services or lack of services are no longer needed. Kerry this is for you buddy...

Goodbye Kerry Wood (sung to Goodbye Norma Jean)

Goodbye Kerry Wood

Though I never knew you at all

You ruined my team with your injuries

While those around you worked

Injuries crawled out of the woodwork

And they whispered into your brain

You fell off your treadmill

And onto the DL once again.

And it seems to me you wasted your career

Like a fart in the wind

Never knowing who to run to

When an injury set in

And I would have liked to love you

But I was just a fan

Your career burned out long before

You ever did anything.

Goodbye Kerry Wood

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lou Pinella: NL Manager Of The Year

This is Lou last month during World Series week. That's right, he had to get a little color on his roots and get his legs waxed. What else does a manager do when the season is over for his team???

Well it is a good thing he got those roots covered up because today Lou was named NL Manager of the Year. I imagine this means about as much to him as it means to me. It means, we were great during the season but sucked during the post season. Throw away the award Lou. It is nothing more than a cheap carnival prize compared to what we should have won.

Have a nice off season Lou and please get this team focused on the big prize for next season.

Denver Nuggets Are Hot Without Iverson

Oh that's right, what did I say? Iverson goes away, bring in someone that knows how to play defense and doesn't turn the ball over as much and we have a team! Woooooooo hooooooo!

The Nuggets are undefeated since aquiring Chauncey Billups from Detroit. The trade for McDyess didn't work out but that is ok, this was the better player out of the deal and all we really need.

I cannot wait to see what this team can do now.

My Christmas Wish List in Pictures

Yes, I know the economy is terrible but I just wanted to throw it out there. If I won the lottery today these are the things I would buy myself for Christmas. I know the watch is a guy's watch but I think it is cool so I must have it. I would love a laptop so I can watch football AND blog at the same time and of course I need that damn chair with cupholders! So there you have Christmas wish list.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Concussion Kurt Wins Again!

Concussion Kurt is leading the Arizona Cardinals straight into the playoffs. I guess they have to be in the playoffs because their division is so terrible they should have no problem winning it.

I can remember the first time I saw Kurt play. When he filled in that night in the preseason for Trent Green. I think it was his composure that impressed me the most. Never seemed to get rattled.

After all this dude has been through I have to say I am rooting for him. I would rather see him get to the Superbowl than Eli Manning again. Kurt's career is near the end and how great would it be if he lead them to the Superbowl while Matt Leinart stands on the sidelines and watches (sorry, I have never been a fan of Leinart). So I am going to dedicate myself to being a closet Arizona Cardinals fan for the rest of the season. Not to mention the fact I bet a guy $500 the Giants would not make it back to the Superbowl. Anyone got some money to loan me out there????

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Week Deserves Crazy Cat

What a week in sports! I have been so busy watching games that I have not had much of a chance to blog.

How about that Alabama and LSU game??? What an exciting game to watch! Part of me thought LSU might get the upset in this matchup but the evil Nick Saban prevailed.

Penn State got beat by Iowa??? Never saw that coming at all.

Texas Tech looks unstoppable. I am now rooting for them to win it all.

I guess I should address my Steelers loss yesterday. I keep hearing how Ben is injured and is not playing well because of the pain. Ok, if I am coach, I say bench him. Let him rest. Put in Leftwich. Two of Ben's turnovers cost us the game. I am one of Ben's biggest fan's and the girlfriend he doesn't know about...but when someone is that out of it, please put in the backup for awhile. Like the Rams putting in Trent Green yesterday. Bulger sucks, he was out at halftime. With Baltimore playing better and better every week, each game this season is that much more important. If the offense needs a spark and the starter isn't getting it done, I am all for throwing in the backup that won the game for us last week. Ok, I am done. That is all I am gonna say about it.

Just heard Geovany Soto won NL Rookie of the Year...hey at least the Cubs got a little good news this season eh????

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Make Sure You Vote Today!

No matter who you are voting for...just make sure you get out and vote today. Let your voice be heard.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Steelers Win With Leftwich 23-6

The Steelers offense looked pitiful again but then Byron Leftwich came into the game. He was whipping the ball around like a man that had sat on the bench too long. The Steelers offense came to life again.

Looks like Ben has an injured shoulder after he dove into the end zone towards the end of the first half. Hopefully it is nothing too serious.

Thanks Leftwich! Good to know we have a great backup quarterback.

Quick E-mail To My Honey Bunny Before The Game

Dearest Honey Bunny,

I know we haven't talked much since I yelled at you after the Giants loss. Maybe telling you to take one for the team and learn how to long snap might have been a bit much, but I was frustrated baby! You know I didn't really mean it (a few lesson really couldn't hurt though could it??).

Ok, so tonight is a big game for me and you. My co-worker is a Redskins freak and has been talking smack to me for 2 weeks now. Not to mention every single person in my office refers to you as "Rottenburger". I don't know how much longer I can deal with the abuse. Do you really want to see your tomato hating baby abused??? I didn't think so. So let's go out there tonight and show them the Big Ben of old! The one that remembers how to convert 3rd downs and not get sacked! I know you have it in you!

I am sure I will talk to you after the game, until then...good luck my love! Just remember Hines Ward is ALWAYS open.



Thank You Baby Jesus!

Finally something good has happened to my Nuggets! Ok, I can hardly contain myself I am so excited. Iverson is gone, Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess are in!

What have I been saying over and over and over??? Too many points not enough D. Billups is by far a better defense player than Iverson and a better ball handler AND a better outside shooter. McDyess played for Denver awhile back and will be a solid backup for Nene if he starts eating too many burritos again and gets injured cause he weighs as much as a Yugo. He can also fill in for the often injured Kenyon Martin for whatever might be ailing him this season, baby mama drama, bad back, bad knee, bad wrist, bad get my drift.

Oh yes, I have been dancing around ever since I heard the news. Carmelo gets to be the star again, not so many turnovers with Iverson gone...get me the phone, I am calling up Directv to turn on my NBA package again! GO NUGGETS!!!

It Is A Sad Day

Phil Fulmer has announced that he will not return next season to coach the Tennessee Vols.

I like Phil. I am tired of my team sucking but at least he did bring us a National Championship and usually kept Tennessee a pretty competitive team.

Thanks for everything Phil! Good luck to you.

I can't wait to see who they bring in now...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 9 NFL Picks By Diddy

I wish I could win at least one pot at work this year but I am not having much luck. Hopefully I can turn it around this week. Here we go:

Buffalo- If they can't beat the Jets playing at home then I will stop picking them.

Chicago-Coming off the bye week, at home...gotta go with Da Bears.

Jacksonville-I think Cinci has to get a win at some point, but I don't think it will be this week.

Cleveland-I had such a hard time picking this game but I feel like Cleveland plays really well at home so I had to go with them.

Tampa-The Chiefs are terrible. End of story.

Minnesota-I know the Texans are hot right now but I think Minnesota needs a win in a bad way. They bring it this week.

Arizona-Kurt Warner comes back to St Louis. If Steven Jackson is out this will be a good pick, if not I might regret this one.

Tennessee-I am on the band wagon now.

Denver-Tough at home after a bye week.

NY Giants- Cause I hate the Cowgirls.

Atlanta-Matt Ryan is for real.

Philly-There is something about this game that makes me nervous. I have no idea why.

Indy- Gotta take the Colts at home after the disappointment on Monday night. Hopefully Peyton will be fired up.

Monday Night- My team has not had much luck of late against NFC teams. But I feel they are going to turn it around this week. If Detroit can almost beat the Skins then I know we can beat them for real!

Enjoy the games everyone!

Soccer Game Very Entertaining

I went to Oklahoma to watch my 6 year old niece play soccer today. We played out in the front yard for a little while before heading over to the game and I realized that maybe she wasn't really into this sport. I asked my sister what was up and she said she will run around but she does things like hug the coach in the middle of the game and yawn a lot.

So off we go to the field and well, my sister was correct. In a 30 minute game my niece must have yawned 20 times. I saw her hug the coach once. She had two really good blocks where she stopped their player from advancing and kicked it down the half field they were playing on but that was about it.

I think what floored me most was the way the games are run. They play on a half field, they get a snack at halftime and all the parents make a bridge for them to run under after the games. Things have changed greatly since my one year of playing soccer as a child. I believe we played on a full field, there were no snacks at all and we were told to, "keep running until you puke." So as a super ultra competitive aunt it was hard to stand by watching her yawn and having no clue what was going on. I am screaming for her to slide over and block out one of their players, to back up and get in position and to keep running. It was in this moment I realized why I was not meant to have children. I know I would push them so hard in sports just as my father did me. Any child of mine might possibly kill me in my sleep after yelling at them a few 100 times to "run until you puke!"

It was a fun afternoon and very entertaining. I love my niece dearly but I think she might want to stick to gymnastics at this point.