Friday, July 11, 2008

Name that NBA Team!

The Seattle Supersonics are moving to Oklahoma City. They are not allowed to use team colors or the Supersonic name. I started wondering what would be a good name for this Oklahoma City team. Here are a few possibilities I came up with:
We all know Oklahoma City has lots of bad weather. So there are the weather choices : Oklahoma City Tornadoes, Oklahoma City Twisters, Oklahoma City Thunder and the Oklahoma City Lightning.
With what they went through with the bombing back in 1995, I like the team name Oklahoma City United. Like the soccer team Manchester United.
They are also known for oil and cowboys: Oklahoma City Gunners, Oklahoma City Ramblers, Oklahoma City Stockaders, Oklahoma City Outlaws and the Oklahoma City Oilers.
Then there is the funny team name: the Oklahoma City Slickers.
Vote on what you think should win as the team name or send me a few team names of your own.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Chanin,

I voted for the team name but the one that I really liked wasn't an option. Oklahoma City Slickers!! I love that one! LOL


P.S. First time reading your blog and I thought it was great!

Chanin Bissinger: said...

Hey Hairdresser Chic!
Thanks so much for the vote! I thought that was pretty funny as well, but maybe not such a great team name. I mean what would their mascot be??? Billy Crystal is getting a little old, they might be able to get him cheap to serve as mascot. Who knows?
I appreciate the kind words!
Chow for now!