Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Almost Time for Some Football!!!!!

Yes, it is almost that time again. Glorious football season! I can hardly stand it. All my fantasy football drafts are now complete, I have ordered NFL Sunday Ticket along with Super Fan and I have bought stock in Pizza Inn. What more do you need????

I like to make predictions at the beginning of every season so after the season I can look back and see just how dumb I really am. Here we go:

The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Superbowl. Ok, well I say that every year...can't blame me for trying.

The Kansas City Chiefs will suck once again this year and finally, Herm Edwards will be fired.

Darren McFadden will win Rookie of the Year.

The Dallas Cowboys will reach the playoffs again and lose AGAIN.

T. O. will blame Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson will blame Carrie Underwood.

Continuing with the Old Geezer Halftime Show this year, Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow will perform.

The Broncos will be just ok yet again and finally...finally Shanny will be gone from Denver.

Coach Mike Tomlin will contact me and say, " Hey, we need you. Please attend all our games as a sideline blogger." Coach, if you are listening my bags are packed!

In my second year, as the first female ever allowed to play in the ZEFF auction league, I will win the championship.

I will attend at least one Kansas City Chiefs game this season and then wonder why I bothered.

Division winners:

AFC East: Duh the Patriots. Why in the world would the NFL give the nearly perfect team the easiest schedule???

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers. Did you expect something different???

AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars. That's right, I did not pick the Colts.

AFC West: San Diego Chargers.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys.

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks.

Well there you have. Enjoy the 2008 season and don't forget to get your popcorn ready!

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