Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kiffin Fired, Davis Crazy???

I just don't know about Al's decision to fire Lane Kiffin. I understand his desire to produce a winner but Oakland is not that bad. They almost beat a very good Buffalo team, beat the Chiefs in KC (something that Denver could not do) and gave San Diego a good game. The Raiders are nowhere near Cincinnati or St. Louis bad, they look like a team re-building.

In a press conference Al even went so far as to call Lane Kiffin a liar. The man just lost his job, can you just let it go at that and not read to everyone the nasty letter you wrote him??? I am not a Kiffin fan by any means but I think someone that you pursued so hard to become your coach deserves a little more compassion than that.

Al, I hope the Raiders don't win another game this season you crazy old coot!

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