Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vols vs Gators: Just A Few Hours Away!

Just a few more hours until the big game and I can hardly stand it. I hate Florida. I know hate is a strong word and your mother will remind you never to use it but in this case no other word will do.

I am a Vols freak, I grew up in Tennessee where you have no choice but to love the Vols. Game days in Tennessee are just amazing. If you hop on the interstate for any amount of time all you see are orange and white car flags waving in the breeze. It totally gets you in the spirit for the game.

Over the years, the Vols have not faired so well against the Gators. However we usually play pretty well at home so I am praying for a miracle this morning. So let's go Vols, I wanna hear lots of "Rocky Top" today!

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