Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 4 NFL Picks

Time for my office pool picks for Week 4. Good news is I am in a 3way tie for the overall best record for the season thus far. Considering my goal is to win that big pot, I am doing ok.

So here we go:

Carolina over Atlanta- I think it will be a close game but Carolina will be too tough at home.

Cinci over Cleveland- this one was a toss up so I went with the home team.

Jacksonville over Houston- Jags are just so much better.

Denver over the KC Losers- No brainer.

New Orleans over San Fran- another toss up so I went with the home team. Plus Reggie Bush is kind of hot.

NY Jets over Arizona- I am hoping Brett can bring them from behind for a late TD to win it.

Tampa Bay over Green Bay- I think they have the better defense and they are at home.

Tennessee over Minnesota- another toss up so I took the home team.

San Diego over Oakland- San Diego will win for awhile now, I think they have their crap together now.

Buffalo over St Louis- starting Mr. Concussion in St Lou??? No brainer, oh that was not nice now that I think of it.

Dallas over Washington- I want to pick against the Cowboys, I really do! Someone beat them up ok???

Philly over da Bears- Even without Westbrook I think they can outscore the Bears.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore- I know Mendenhall gave Baltimore a little motivation this week but I don't care. The Baltimore offense is pathetic. First team to score a TD wins this one. Plus I am going to marry Roethlisberger, I cannot pick against my future hubby!


CK0712 said...

and of course my eagles.

skins i hate dallas, plain & simple.

oakland , my heart bleeds for this team, they have great ballers & live with daily drama, sucks to be such underdogs like they are, so i root for themm.

steelers, home, plus they are fired up from last week.

my eagles cuz i BLEED GREEN GIRL ;0

Chanin Bissinger said...

I hate Dallas too but I just cannot sacrifice my pool standings to pick against them right now. Cause if they lose we all lose. I think one guy took the Skins in our office just because they are his favorite team.

Mind of MadMan said...

Dallas, not sure I'm on the wire with them. Too shaky the last two games.
DaBears have lost a ton of swagger
Breet could not save a vicodin, really he can't.
All in all this week will define the wants from the wannabees...

CK0712 said...

NICE the skins took it to the popcorn boyz

Tiffany said...

I don't get all your football lingo banter poo poo. Let's talk about sex baby! Woo hoo....jk.
Didn't the Chiefs win?

Chanin Bissinger said...

I don't even know how to respond to that Tiffany, I am focusing on a sports blog at the moment. Come on lady! Find a hobby other than sex! LOL