Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diddy's Pick Week 6

My picks are so bad, I am sure a caveman could do better! But I am still in the running for the year end pool at work. I am tied with Kim, a payroll clerk who knows more about high school football than the pros so I need to step up my game. Let's hope it starts this week. Here are my picks:
Chicago-This one makes me nervous, because Atlanta is tough at home.
Houston- I flip-flopped on this one for 2 days. I think the Texans have been so close so many times, this time they actually full off a win.
Indianapolis- Another tough one to pick. I am not sure what is wrong with Peyton but I am hoping he figures it out today and beats a tough Baltimore D.
Minnesota- At home, with a great D and Detroit has to go without Kitna.
New Orleans- They should not have lost that Monday night game, they get back on track this week.
New York Jets- Bengals without Palmer today, easy pick.
Carolina- I like them! They are a pretty good team. I think they squeek this one out by a field goal.
Washington- The Redskins roll on.
Denver-This will be a tough game, but I like Denver at home.
Dallas-I hope they lose but I think they have a slightly better D and pull this off by a TD.
Philly-Even without Westbrook I think they can win this one easily.
Green Bay-No Hasselbeck today, Green Bay has the better D. Gotta take Green Bay on the road.
San Diego-I orginally picked New England, then I remembered that the past 2 years the Patriots have kicked the Chargers out of the playoffs. Surely they want to beat this team.
NY Giants- Too easy. Cleveland sucks.
Happy Sunday everyone!

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