Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nuggets Start Season On a Positive Note...NOT

Yep, they are starting the season with a loss to the Utah Jazz. Great. Not sure why I wasted my time watching it other than nothing else was on tv. Not much defense and not much offense. I am ecstatic!

Granted Carmelo did not play but neither did Deron Williams for the Jazz so that should have evened things out.

On a side note, I had my first incident with Directv ever. A few months ago, while calling for another issue I asked the woman to not renew my NBA package. She told me she had cancelled it. Yesterday I was looking at my bill online and guess what I see??? That's right, NBA package added to my bill. I pick up the phone and call. The lady tells me that the season starts today so it is too late to cancel. I quickly corrected her by telling her the season doesn't "officially" start until a game is played which will be later on in the evening and would she kindly remove it off my bill. She again tells me it doesn't matter if a game has played or not, she cannot remove it, I am stuck paying all this money. I ask for a supervisor. She quickly offers me $10 off my bill per month for 4 months. I say, let's are charging me $42.50 per month for the basketball but will give me $10 off that price and I want it cancelled. Which saves me more money??? I think I would still like to talk to a supervisor. He gets on the phone and tells me he sees no record of me speaking to anyone about cancelling my NBA package several months ago. I said well obviously she forgot to do jack or it would not still be on my bill so she must have forgotten also to type in some notes about the conversation. FINALLY, the man agrees to take it off my bill.

I know times are tough, but what ever happened to the customer is always right????


Grumpy said...

Next time you have a problem with Directv, threaten to take your business to Dish Network or cable. They'll roll right over.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Thanks for the advice Grumpy! I will try that next time. It was the first time ever I had an issue with them. Usually they are super nice about everything.