Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week 5 Picks By C-Diddy

My co-workers nicknamed me C-Diddy many years ago. Sometimes they just call me Diddy. I am not sure why they call me this but I kind of like it. I supposed it is better than being called Puffy.

I am also known as the office bookie. I put together an office pool and I am now officially the leader for the end of the year pool. For those worried that I might cheat, my picks are photocopied on Fridays and left with this chick that has no idea what a football is. So my lead is legit.

Here are my free Week 5 picks:

Tennessee-it will be a tough game but I think with Baltimore coming off the Monday night game, Tennessee has a slight edge.

Carolina- I still don't believe in the Chiefs.

Chicago- Matt Forte will run all over Detroit today.

Green Bay- Aaron Rogers or not, they should win this one.

Houston- Oh yes, my upset special. I think the Texans have figured out how to use Steve Slaton properly.

San Diego- I think they will get on a roll soon and run all the way to the playoffs.

NY Giants- I think this will be close but I like the Giants at home.

Philly- Another close one but I think Philly should squeak this one out.

Tampa- I like their defense so much more than Denver's. I think Griese will be motivated going back to Denver to play.

Arizona- It seems everyone is picking Buffalo in this one but I think the Cardinals will steal this one at home by a field goal.

Dallas- Ok, I hate the Cowboys and nothing would make me happier than to see the lowly Bengals whip their asses, but I don't think it is going to happen.

New England- I hate them, but have to pick them in this one.

Pittsburgh-I believe I was the only one to pick the Steelers this week and that is fine. I am sure I am the only one in the office that remembers it was the bastard Jaguars that kicked us out of the playoffs last year. Revenge will be sweet.

New Orleans- This was a tough one to pick. I gotta go with the home team.
That is it. I made some risky picks and I hope and pray they pay off to make my lead even larger for the year end pool.

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Chanin Bissinger said...

God my picks sucked! LOL