Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 8 NFL Picks By Diddy

Well let's hope I have better luck this week I lost to Bob by points. I had 46 points for Monday night and he hit it right on the head with 48 and robbed me of my money! I found out on Sunday Bob was having his 15th stint placed in his heart so I am going to chill and let the man put it towards his medical bills. I had no idea you could have 15 stints put in! Get well Bob!

Here's to better luck this week!

Baltimore-seems like too easy of a pick so I am sure they will either lose or barely win.

Carolina- I had a tough time picking this one but I think Carolina will do ok at home.

Tampa Bay- One of my co-workers, Kim, will be at this game. She thinks she gets to sit with Romo on the bench. Just for that, I am picking Tampa to win and ruin her Romo romance.

Washington-All the teams that have not yet won a game make me nervous but I have to go with Washington in this one.

Miami- Ok, I really like the Bills in this one but Jimmy is a lifetime Bills fan and says they have always sucked playing in Miami.

New England-Gotta go with them at home. They looked really tough on Monday night.

San Diego-New Orleans without Reggie Bush is like a Big Mac without the special sauce. Gotta take San Diego.

NY Jets- If they cannot beat the Chiefs at home, Brett may need to retire for real.

Philly-Another tough game but I think McNabb will pull it off and it will help with Westbrook back.

Houston-They are on a roll and Cincinnati isn't.

Jacksonville-I suppose it depends on which Cleveland team shows up but I will take the Jags at home.

Pittsburgh-Oh yea! I am so pumped for this game. I have already got out my full size helmet (yes I sometimes wear it while I watch), my Terrible Towels and my special Steelers drinking glass (they have never lost a big game since I started drinking out of it on big game days). Not to mention I have a ton of money riding on it with some side bets I took. Bring it on ELI! We are ready for ya!

San Fran-New coach, new day. San Fran wins big.

Tennessee-Gotta love that running game and defense. Tennessee wins by a field goal.


Grumpy said...

I will be wearing my throwback jersey (which has never lost) and be waving my Terrible Towel in my living room. Harrison & Woodley will make Eli cry.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Alright Grumpy! At the moment I am wearing my Roethlisberger jersey and I have the Terrible Towel in place ready for some action.