Friday, November 21, 2008

If You Were Commish For A Day...

If you were the commissioner of the NFL for a day what would you do? What would you change? What new ideas do you have for the NFL?

I think first on my list would be to cut down the pre-season games to 2, then add 2 real games to the end of the season. Pre-season is so boring and it seems someone great is getting injured before the season starts. I would like to get rid of them totally but for my day we will reduce it and see what happens.

Pacman goes away, for good.

So does Michael Vick.

1000 tickets will be given away to attend the Superbowl to fans every year.

Put in a 800 number so fans can call and leave voicemails with ideas about how to make the league better.

Speed up the draft.

Agree to a deal with the cable companies so everyone sees NFL Network games (I am so tired of my friends complaining so much).

Make the Kickoff Night an official holiday and let everyone off work to tailgate all day!

So, what are your ideas? Serious or funny. Let's hear em'!


Tim said...

Hi Chanin,

There are several things that come to mind. Starting with, possibly coming up with a minor leagues. I'm more of a college football fan than NFL, and would like to see the NFL create minor league for players that don't want to go to college, instead of making them go, only to see them leave before graduating for the NFL, while some kid sits at home that could have had their scholarship.

This would also cut down on the time that a rookie would need to be ready for the NFL.

Less penalties, especially judgment calls like holding, that can realistically be called on nearly every play. These seem to be called at the worst times and change the course of the game, change the momentum.

Last and sort of in the funny category. If I'm commish, we're doing away with the kicking game. QBs will now throw the ball through the goalposts for extra points and field goals, kickoffs will be handled by placing the ball on the 2 yard line. A returner runs from out of the endzone, picks the ball up, as soon as his hand touches the ball, the coverage team runs down to stop him. Punts are handled the same way except the ball is placed 45 yards from the yard of scrimmage.

I'm just tired of watching field goal kicking contests, that's all!

The BEEZE said...

Great post, and great ideas.

I'd move the Ravens back to Cleveland, the Colts back to Baltimore, and ship the Browns to Indy.

I'd also change the way overtime is done, and make sure every player in the league was tested on the rules.

Good stuff.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Ahhhhh how could I forget changing overtime???? Good one Beeze!

Tim, your idea of the minor league is awesome! And although meant to be funny, I am with you getting rid of kickers! 11 guys on each side go out and fight all game long just to leave it up to some guy's leg...doesn't seem right!
Thanks guys!

Grumpy said...

Go to the college overtime set-up. It would make it much more exciting.