Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 9 NFL Picks By Diddy

I wish I could win at least one pot at work this year but I am not having much luck. Hopefully I can turn it around this week. Here we go:

Buffalo- If they can't beat the Jets playing at home then I will stop picking them.

Chicago-Coming off the bye week, at home...gotta go with Da Bears.

Jacksonville-I think Cinci has to get a win at some point, but I don't think it will be this week.

Cleveland-I had such a hard time picking this game but I feel like Cleveland plays really well at home so I had to go with them.

Tampa-The Chiefs are terrible. End of story.

Minnesota-I know the Texans are hot right now but I think Minnesota needs a win in a bad way. They bring it this week.

Arizona-Kurt Warner comes back to St Louis. If Steven Jackson is out this will be a good pick, if not I might regret this one.

Tennessee-I am on the band wagon now.

Denver-Tough at home after a bye week.

NY Giants- Cause I hate the Cowgirls.

Atlanta-Matt Ryan is for real.

Philly-There is something about this game that makes me nervous. I have no idea why.

Indy- Gotta take the Colts at home after the disappointment on Monday night. Hopefully Peyton will be fired up.

Monday Night- My team has not had much luck of late against NFC teams. But I feel they are going to turn it around this week. If Detroit can almost beat the Skins then I know we can beat them for real!

Enjoy the games everyone!

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