Thursday, December 11, 2008

At The Airport With Matthew Riddle

I had to go on a business trip this week. I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight and I saw this guy sit down across the room in a Tapout jacket. He looked so familiar to me. Suddenly I realize I think he is Matthew Riddle from Ultimate Fighter Season 7. After watching him for a few minutes, I decided a trip to the bathroom and a couple of more looks and I would be sure it was him. I was 95% certain so I approached him. Just as I approached him, his cell phone rang. Great. Being the dumbass I am, I mouthed to him, "Are you Matthew Riddle?" He shakes his head yes. I walked away because he was having a conversation on his cell phone, I went back up towards my gate.

I see him walking towards my gate and did not want to seem like the stalker I really am so I looked away. I turn back in his direction and he is standing in front of me apologizing for being on his cell phone! I told him how much I enjoyed his fighting and watching him on the show, he thanked me and we shook hands.

We start boarding the plane and I get seated and who sits right behind me??? Yep, it was him. Ok, now I really wanted to play it cool because I did not want the poor boy to be freaked out he was sitting right near his stalker so I actually took a little nap for awhile. We were starting the descent so I turned around and asked if he would sign an autograph for my buddy Jimmy. He said sure, I borrowed pen and paper from the stewardess and that started a whole bunch of people sitting around us that had no idea who he was to start asking him. I felt really bad! When he finishes with that I start asking him questions about the show, what Forrest is really like, what Rampage was like...what it was like being locked up in a house with all those guys. I found out a few interesting things.

That season they did $70,000 of damage to the mansion they were living in.

The show kind of encourages them to have drama in the house because they are not allowed any tv, newspapers, magazines, internet or girls. No contact with the outside world.

Matthew was supposed to fight on the Lesnar/Couture card but injured himself and had to have surgery on his knee.

He said Rampage was a really super cool guy and took them out more often than they showed on tv.

I had a great time talking to him, he was super cool and I have now met my first real UFC fighter! Too bad I was too rattled to snap a photo with my cell phone. Oh well, at least Jimmy got his autograph! Check it out!


Grumpy said...

I'm pretty sure they prefer "flight attendants" now.

Chanin Bissinger said...

She was really old so I think stewardess still applies...LOL. Thanks for correcting me Grumpy.

The BEEZE said...

That's a great story...sounds like a really cool guy.

Grumpy said...

Why did you substitute my picture for this Matt guy?

Chanin Bissinger said...

You crack me up!
Beeze, yep...he was super cool. I am rooting for him for sure.