Friday, December 19, 2008

Bowl Swag Revealed

In the latest Sporting News Magazine it is revealed what "swag" each player will receive in playing in their respective bowl games. I had no idea they received anything but it seems like every bowl has prizes for the players.

I have always wanted to receive swag. It is a lifelong dream. Never did I dream all I would have had to do was be born male, play football and get to a bowl game. Damn!

Here are a few of the bowl games listed:

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Pure Flip mini digital camcorder, Fossil watch, Fossil sunglasses and Armor Gear backback.

Fiesta Bowl: Myvu personal media viewer, Apple iPod Nano, Kenneth Cole watch and a hat.

Rose Bowl: Sony dvd camcorder, Fossil watch, Oakley sunglasses, New Era hat, Ogio backpack, and one year subscription to ESPN the Magazine.

BCS National Championship: Players can purchase up to $300 in Sony Electronics products that are showcased to them at the team hotels, Torneau watch, New Era hat, Crocs and an Ogio duffel bag.

Source: Sporting News Magazine.


Grumpy said...

This has been routine for years, but it's surprising since the NCAA forbids them from receiving anything not available to the average student when on campus.

Chanin Bissinger said...

It says in the article they are allowed to receive up to $500 in gifts. Pretty nice stuff though!