Saturday, December 6, 2008

Greatest Football Weekend Ever????

Not sure about all of you out there but I am pumped about the football action this weekend.

There are some excellent college games on today. I think the game I am most excited about would be Alabama vs Florida. Now, as a Vols fan, I hate both of these teams. Well, wait, I don't hate the Alabama team, I hate Nick Saban. He is the right hand man of the devil, Oprah Winfrey. So, he cannot win. I hate Florida with all my heart. I cannot even look at Steve Spurrier on tv anymore without wanting to vomit. I don't like Tebow, Percy Harvin or their coach Urban Meyer. I even hate the state of Florida, with all their old people and humid weather and hurricanes. But believe it or not, I have to root for them to upset the devil's right hand man today. I do however, refuse to do a gator chop today. Won't happen.

I think the Big 12 game is going to stink. I think the Sooners will blow up Missouri. Missouri is just not the same team they were last year.

Then there is the big game tomorrow. Pittsburgh vs Dallas. You know how much I hate the Florida Gators now...multiply that by a million and that is how much I hate the Dallas Cowboys. They are not "America's team", they are the devil's team. That's right, I think Oprah might own part of them.

I like Romo as a person, I think he seems like a nice guy, but I want to see him smacked around tomorrow. I want him smacked around so much tomorrow that Jessica has to come off her tour of bingo halls to help him recover.

I want Ben to be the Ben that throws for 200 yards and 3 TDs. I want the crowd to be as nuts as I am and I want maybe a little snow. My Tivo is set. My popcorn is ready. Bring it on T.O.!


The BEEZE said...

Great games starting right now...gotta get my a$$ on on the couch with the remote.

i can't wait for the Steelers, Cowboys game....I haven't heard that come out of mouth in years.

Grumpy said...

Pittsburgh forecast for Sunday: 25 degrees, snow showers and wind. Steeler weather baby, Steeler weather.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Snow showers??????????????? YES!!!!!!! Thanks Grumpy!

Grumpy said...

It's never over as long as #7 is breathing. Yes!!!