Sunday, January 18, 2009

AFC Championship Sunday

Today is the day. The Steelers will meet the Ravens for the 3rd time this season, but this time it means so much more. Another chance to get to a Superbowl. Another shot at a ring.

I have laid out my Roethlisberger jersey, my Terrible Towel and my hat that is exactly like Tomlin wears on the sidelines, Reebok slouch cap. To make things even more crazy, I have not washed my Roethlisberger jersey since last weekend's game and I am not going to. I am kind of superstitious I guess. Washing it might be the end to his great play. Needless to say my stinky butt will be watching the game alone today. I prefer it that way. So I can focus. I want this win, I need it. It is so hard to get to an AFC Championship game. Who knows when they could make it back again?

This is me, a fan, a fanatic of NFL football. The season is almost over and the thought of no games starting next month is already making me crazy. I live for this, plain and simple.


The BEEZE said...

This is gonna be great game...The two teams I hate, and I can't wait to watch it...WTF!!!

Chanin Bissinger said...

It should be a good one Beeze...a real battle and that is exactly what you want out of a championship game.

Grumpy said...

Same here. Ben jersey, unwashed since last loss, check. Terrible Towel, check. Gold Reebok slouch hat, check. Let's get it on already.