Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCS Drama At My Mom's House

My mom is a Sooners freak. She kind of resembles this little Sooner fanatic doll on gameday. I just got back from going to check on her. I stayed maybe 20 minutes. I am actually suprised she let me in the door. Normally she tells us to only call her during OU games if we are dying. I sat for awhile and got lots of good material for my blog.

Florida cheerleaders are shown holding signs saying, "Gator Bait." Mom-"I am gonna take those signs and shove them up your cute little asses girlie girls."

Tebow goes running through the Oklahoma defense. Mom-"Break that little son of a bitch's legs or his arm or his neck! Break something God Damnit!"

More cheerleaders, this time Oklahoma's chanting, "We're Number One!" Mom-" Are they just retarded??? Girls...we are losing the game...can't be #1 when you are losing the damn game. Get a fuc#@$% clue!"

Tv from middle of the field shows close up of Sam Bradford. Mom- "Whoever invented that camera is a damn genius."

Tebow goes for another long run against OU defense, jumps up, pumps his arms and gets the crowd going big time. Mom-"Why in the GD hell is this game being played in FLORIDA??? This is another home game for them. I am going to write someone a letter and tell them this is complete bullshit."

Me-"Ok Mom...I am going to head out now. It was good to see you. Enjoy the rest of the game."

Mom-"Enjoy the game??????? This is torture for me! Do you have any idea how bad my stomach hurts right now???? Go home! You are distracting me! Don't you know not to bother me when OU plays????? "

You gotta love her. Or at least I do.


Grumpy said...

Hilarious. That's how I feel when my team plays. After all, "fan" comes from fanatic.

Chanin Bissinger said...

I am not sure I want to go around her today. She is going to be soooo angry.

Grumpy said...

I would give her a day to get it out of her system. My wife and family know to leave me alone for a few hours after a loss.