Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Curry Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

I tried really hard not to say anything about this...I really did. I just can't help it. Seriously. I know...I have issues...I am seeing a shrink tomorrow.

If you have not heard Mr. Eddie Curry is being sued for sexual harassment by his personal driver. Now poor Eddie is married with three children so I am sure this is making his life a little difficult right now. Especially when you hear the allegations. David Kuchinsky alleges that Eddie approached him many times naked, asking him to look at and touch his shuttlecock. Interesting.

Mr. Kuchinsky is also a convicted felon who served 3 years in prison. A person that Eddie took a chance on when hiring. Hmmmmmm, this is actually starting to make sense now. When in prison, you must do whatever is necessary to acclimate and maybe Curry thought this guy might be receptive to his advances.

What is puzzling is Kuchinsky alleges that Curry also berated him with racial slurs calling him such things as, "cracker", "white slave" and "grandmaster of the KKK".

Eddie, generally this is not the way to get the attention of the person you are trying to become involved with. Flowers work sometimes, gift cards, cash or maybe a nice dinner. Kindness goes much further than name calling and flashing someone. Just sayin'...

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