Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jagodzinski Fired By Boston College

Seems like this is getting lots of attention today so of course I have to throw in my two cents.

I would have fired him too. Yep, that's right. The little sneaky bastard did not tell anyone he had scheduled the interview first of all. He had a contract with BC. Does this not mean anything anymore???? Why bother having damn contracts at all if you can just go around doing what you want? I like that the school had the balls to say, "Hey dirt bag! You go do this and we won't be here when you get back." Maybe I am old school but if I sign a contract I will stick to it. Even those rat bastard cell phone companies get me until my contract expires.

If he didn't want to stay with BC for five years, maybe he should have signed a two year deal or three year deal. Or at the very least, come forth and said, "I have a great opportunity to go interview with a pro team can I please go check it out?" But no, they find out from a reporter.

How about putting it this way? Say you are married... Well your wife is with you for 3 years and it is good but the neighbor down the street has offered her a Lexus over your Toyota and well he is a lawyer and you are a plumber. Would you think it was cool your wife ran out on you to interview with a potential new husband? One that could give her oh so much more than you ever could. Um, no. You would fire her ass too.

*seems like my bad potty mouth has come out this evening...note to self...up the Lorazepam dosage next Dr visit*

Everything seems too easy to get out of anymore. It is just disappointing to my old school heart.


The BEEZE said...

I've always felt the same way about contracts, but I disagree...Kinda...They knew about the interview...That's why they told him if he did it they'd fire his a$$...But they don't see the good of the interview...

When Spurrier was at Florida he did NFL interviews often...Many other college coaches have also...they and their schools can use it as a recruiting tool...'look NFL teams like this guy, but he's ours' on, so forth...any way that's just one view...But they did tell him they'd fire him if he did it,so I give them credit for sticking to their guns....was that long enough? LOL

Grumpy said...

If he had lost 9 games a year, do you think the school would have kept him until the end of his contract? And since when does anyone looking for a new job tell their current employer that they are job hunting? I never did.

Chanin Bissinger said...

If you are let go from your contract you get paid money because they let you go. You still win. The school loses. You do not have a contract with your job Grumpy, promising you will stay there 5 years so you don't owe them diddly.
Jag did not tell them he had the interview, BC found out from a reporter then he fessed up.
Good points but I still like my opinion best. LOL

Grumpy said...

Good points. I agree a contract should be a contract, but they don't seem to mean much anymore. Your argument is correct, I just think BC overreacted.