Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bears Fan Charged $28,000 To Watch A Game

Slingbox seems like such a wonderful invention, unless you get a $28,000 phone bill for watching 2 hours of a football game.

Wayne Burdick was about to depart on a cruise out of the port of Miami and decided to turn on his laptop to watch a couple of hours of the Bears game before they left.

Now I have heard of being charged outrageous rates when out of the country or in international waters but he was sitting at the port of Miami.

A month goes by and Burdick receives a bill in the mail from AT&T. Can you imagine his shock when he opens a bill for $28,067.31???? I am pretty sure I would soil myself.

Burdick has someone at the Chicago Sun Times investigate and it turns out his laptop was picking up a signal it should not have been and that is why he was charged the higher rates. Of course AT&T ate the cost and Burdick the die hard Bears fan was a happy camper again.

Moral of the story...Slingbox and wireless internet charges suck, just come to my house and watch on the 65 inch tv for the mere cost of a pizza and a few Cokes!


Grumpy said...

You're on, but I still want anchovies on mine.

Chanin Bissinger said...

You just bring one for you and one for me then. I cannot do the little fishies