Monday, February 16, 2009

Directv Offers Hot Pass For Free In 2009

I was going to watch the race yesterday because of Keith Urban but then heard that Directv is giving away Hot Pass this year. If you have a chance sometime, check this out. They are giving you access to inside 4 driver's cars every week. This past weekend it was Kasey Kahne, Dale Jr, Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson. I watched most of the race from Carl Edwards' car. In one corner of your screen you have the Fox broadcast of the race and in the other you have the driver's view from his car. You can also hear the communication between the race team and the driver. In HD it is a really cool way to watch a race.

If I have not said it lately, I would like to say it again...I love Directv!


Grumpy said...

Have you had reception issues with Directv? We often lose channels when it rains, snows, the wind blows. It's getting frustrating. I keep it because they are the only service with the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Do you just go to the Hot Pass channels on race day or do you have to sign up at their website?

Chanin Bissinger said...

You just go to the channels on race day. They announce the drivers mid-week I think...different drivers every week.
No I really have not had any issues except with rain...but it has to be pretty heavy before it goes out. My mom has Dish and she has way more issues than I ever do.