Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dancing With the Stars Nugget Drama

And I thought "Dancing With the Stars" was for wussies. With the latest drama, I just might have to start watching.

Shawn Johnson former gold medal gymnast has a stalker. Robert O'Ryan, 34, scaled a fence on the property and told the guards that saw him that he was meant to be with Johnson. Then went further by saying she was giving him signals on tv telling him that he and 17 year old Johnson would have a baby together in the next year. A search of his car revealed a loaded shotgun, loaded .45 handgun, duct tape, a map to Johnson's house and love letters. The family has filed a restraining order.

I don't know how much more drama I can take with this show. I heard last week Lil' Kim didn't shave her pits. What next??? Holly Madison loses an implant?


Grumpy said...

A restraining order is useless. This guy needs to be locked up before this story takes a tragic turn.

Chanin Bissinger said...

He was locked up, hopefully they will throw away the key.