Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Steroids Are My Friend

Ok, look...I can hardly type my fingers are so damn swollen. Last Saturday I came down with the "Funga Munga" also known as upper respiratory infection. They gave me a Z pack of anti-biotics and sent me home.

Last night I developed this wild itching sensation on my thighs. From there it spread to my arms, hands, face, neck, feet and pretty much every where else you can imagine. Uh huh. I was scratching my butt today and I did not give a damn who saw me.

After a night of barely sleeping, I called the doctor and he got me in today. After talking things over he has decided I am severely allergic to the Z pack and he shot me in the hip with steroids! Then he also gave me a 9 day supply to take in pill form.

I love this shit! Why did I not jump on the Roidwagon long ago????? My face has almost returned from the purple alien with baseballs in her cheeks look I had this morning. The itching is not near as bad and I have picked up and moved my living room furniture around 20 times during American Idol (why doesn't everyone vote the blind guy off???? It is driving me nuts!). I can't wait to take the next 3 pills in the morning. I will probably be on our work parking lot dragging cars around with my pinkie finger!

"I am strong!

I am invincible!"

I am Roid Woman!


tcp said...

I ask myself the same question about Megan Joy every week. She should go before the blind guy, IMO.

Chanin Bissinger said...

I don't mind her, her voice is real different. Blind guy sounds the same every damn week. Annoys me.