Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Bengals Bungle The Draft

This ladies and gentlemen, is Andre Smith. His name might sound familar to you because this is the o-lineman from Alabama that attended the combine and left quickly because he was not prepared for it. Uh huh. Could be because he forgot his bra for his giant bitch tits.

The talk was after leaving so quickly that his draft stock would fall and he would no longer be a first round draft pick. Well the Bengals changed that quickly on Saturday. They made this giant blob the number 6 pick in the draft.

The Bengals are probably one of the worst drafting teams in the NFL so this doesn't really shock me. Let's just revisit their 2005 draft.
Pick #1- David Pollack-career over due to injury
Pick #2- Odell Thurman-suspended due to substance abuse issues.
Pick #3- Chris Henry-this dude has been in so much trouble I would have to fill up the rest of the blog page with it all.

The quality of players that they let go to get this guy is amazing. The one that sticks out most is Michael Crabtree. Yes, he is injured but he will be ready by the time the season starts and at least he is not a fruitcake! Andre Smith just might abandon camp to go on a Dunkin' Donuts binge or Victoria's Secret shopping spree.

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Grumpy said...

And his workout during the pro day at Alabama was horrible. Mike Brown is an idiot.