Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hines Ward Won't Hold Out

Hines Ward is entering the last year on his contract and unlike 2005 he will not hold out until he gets a new contract.

"The contract, we're just going to play and whatever happens happens,'' Ward told the paper.

"I want to be a Steeler ... I don't want to put on another uniform. I'm late in the game now to worry about it. You look at all the previous players who went on and played for other places. I learned a lot from Jerome (Bettis), what he did. I want to go down in Steelers history to be one of the better wideouts to wear the black and gold."

I hope the Steelers re-sign him and let him continue being a Steeler until he is ready to hang it up. I love watching this guy play and he is the best blocking receivers in the league.

Source: USA Today


Grumpy said...

I'd guess 2 more years, one more ring and then on to the HOF. All as a Steeler.

Chanin Bissinger said...

That would be awesome.