Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's Get It On!

I love this man, bloody face and all. This is Forrest Griffin and he is my favorite UFC fighter. He is one of the toughest guys around...he has had his arm broken in the middle of the fight, continued fighting and knocked the guy out with his other arm. Yep, I know if my arm had been broken in a fight, I would first have pissed or soiled myself, fallen to the ground and cried like a baby. I might for a moment have thought, "I am going to kick the shit out of this dude", but then I would feel pain again and go back to my fetal position on the mat.

It was announced yesterday that this wonderful man will be fighting my most hated UFC fighter, Anderson Silva. The reason I hate him??? He never fights! He has a belt and I guess he wants to keep it so he does the least he can do to retain it. Anderson Silva cost me $55 and I want it back. His fight with Thales Leites was pathetic. Anderson can say all he wants that Leites would not engage him, but if I am the champ and you put me in an octagon and I get paid as much as he does, I will make a fight happen. I will stomp on his toes, bitch slap him, call his mamma names...whatever it takes to get a fight going.

I cannot wait for this fight. It takes place August 8th in Philadelphia, PA. I will buy this one because I know Forrest will go in there and let him have it. Forrest will whip my $55 out of him.

I will be so wound up for this fight it will be unreal. I am normally wound up the day of Forrest fights but this might be a bit over the top. I will probably buy fight shorts and run around clinching an imaginary Anderson Silva and give him a few knees to the forehead. Not really sure where all my aggression comes from...something that probably stems from my childhood as a bouncer at the family bar. I suppose I should address this with the shrink next session.

Anyways, big party at my house on August 8th. Just watch your back, if I get too into it I just might try to choke you out.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

It should be a great fight

Silva is a masterful technician

Grumpy said...

I'd like to have what you spend on pay per view.

Chanin Bissinger said...

I don't order every fight Grumpy...but yes I do spend lots of money to see sports. But it is my passion so I do without a few other things like clothes that fit