Sunday, April 19, 2009

Letter to Dana White

Dear Mr. White,

I purchased last night's event in beautiful HD which cost me a total of $54.95. Let me tell you exactly what it was worth...zilch. Granted the Anderson Silva fight was the worst by far, the the "co-main event" was just as bad. Chuck Liddell vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was not even close. Liddell once again was hit right on the button and out he went. Liddell is done dude. He was huge for the sport but he shouldn't be fighting anymore. As much as I enjoy looking at "Shogun", it was not worth watching. Actually, it was very sad to watch.

Anderson Silva is supposed to be the best fighter around. If I am the best fighter around, I want to cruise through my opponents as quickly as possible and move on. Last night was close to what I imagine water boarding to be like. I just wanted it to stop. If he is the best fighter in the world, then he should have been far more aggressive and knocked Leites out at the very latest, 2nd round. No way in hell this fight should have gone all 5 rounds. Dana, did you hear the boos??? They hated it. They are the ones that I feel bad for the most. I put out less than $60 but there is no telling what the tickets cost those poor folks in Montreal.

Dana, the economy is a mess. Money is more and more difficult to come up with. So I see a couple of ways you can save your ass after this disaster. Next fight is free. That's right you heard me, give away UFC 98. Or the better solution, give us for free...UFC 100. Your huge pay per view night, just give it away. Because let me tell you, I will never ever pay for an Anderson Silva fight again. Ever. I don't care if he does drop down in weight and fight GSP. I won't pay for it. Chuck Liddell could fight Donald Trump and I wouldn't pay to see it. Not even for the comedic value of it. These were not main events, these were boring, terrible fights. If I want to be bored I can watch re-runs of "Charles in Charge" for free.

I am just so disappointed Dana. I don't know if I can ever forgive you for this.



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Grumpy said...

I know nothing about UFC, but I feel your pain. I'm starting to feel that way about Directv's NFL Sunday Ticket. I buy it so I don't miss any Steeler games, and then they're all on the network anyway.