Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Giant Leap of Faith

I was watching the Cubs vs Brewers game yesterday on the Directv free preview. The Cubs were not playing very well, down a few runs to start the game. I stopped watching in the 5th and made a major decision at that time. I had been tossing around buying the entire baseball season package from Directv but it is a lot of money and would I have time to watch enough baseball games to make it worth having. So I decided to leave my decision to the Cubs. If they came back and won yesterday's game, I would buy it, if not then I would not. Well, they came back and won the game.

This afternoon I sat down and ordered the MLB package. I have never bought this before and I am not sure I ever will again. But I still believe in the Cubs. This HAS to be their year and I can watch all of it from my living room. I have a beautiful 65 inch HD television and what was playing on the HD tv's at Best Buy the 1st time I ever saw the power of HD??? A baseball game. The bright green grass had me mesmerized and that was it. I got a tv and now I have baseball games to watch on my tv.

I hope and pray the Cubs don't disappoint again this year. This time I have invested some money into them.

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Grumpy said...

Enjoy getting your heart broken?