Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steelers To Return To Superbowl in 2010

Yep, that is what my bedroom looks like. Well I might have some dirty socks and "Entertainment" magazines scattered around my floor, but that is pretty much it. From this bed, I dream at night of another Superbowl victory for my beloved Steelers. Looks like my dreams might just come true.

The new NFL schedule has come out and well we got this. You heard it hear first...mark it down...come back and congratulate me after it happens. We are going to the Superbowl and we are going to win (um, please block out that I say every year the Cubs will win the World Series...we are all allowed a few mistakes right??). So I will take you through the schedule game by game and spell it out for you. Here we go...

Tenn vs Pitt- Remember last year when Fatty Lendale White stomped all over the Terrible Towel??? Payback is a bitch Lendale.

Pitt @ Chicago- In September??? Game over, Steelers win. Cutler cries about not being back in Denver.

Pitt@ Cinci- Duh.

SD @ Pitt- This one might be a tough one. Won 11-10 last year at home. I think we can do something like that again. How about 13-12??

Pitt@ Detroit- Duh.

Cleveland @ Pitt- Another duh.

Minnesota@ Pitt- This will be a tough game but I think Pitt will win because Tomlin will want to beat his old team up.

Bye week

Pitt @ Denver-Orton at QB. Game over.

Cinci@ Pitt- Duh

Pitt@ KC- Um, oh my gosh. I will be there for real. Saving up money for tickets right now. Pittsburgh has never lost a game that I have attended in person. Game over.

Pitt@ Balt- tough one, might be our first loss. Maybe.

Oak@ Pitt- DUH.

Pitt@ Cleveland- Another easy one.

GB@ Pitt- I think it will be close but Aaron will screw it up having flashbacks of Brett Favre throwing TD bombs and will launch a few Int's. Game over.

Balt@ Pitt- We can beat them at home.

Pitt@ Miami- Chad Pennington can only throw 10 yards down the field. How can we not win???

That is it! I was relieved to see it, I thought it would be a super tough schedule. Doesn't look too bad to me.

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Grumpy said...

Rated the 29th toughest schedule in the league. Start clearing space for trophy #7.