Friday, May 1, 2009

Da Bulls Pull It Off

The Bulls vs Celtics series has been the most incredible sports series I think I have ever seen. I wish I had most of these games on tape to re-watch.

Last night's game went into triple overtime and it was just insane. When Joakim Noah slammed that ball over Paul Pierce, I stood up outta my chair screaming.

This series now goes to Game 7 and if you don't watch you will be added to my shit list.


Evan "McSpazz" Edwards said...


While it has been an incredible series. I've watched every minute. Living in Chicago area and having one my favorite teams being the Bulls it can never compare to any series of the M Jeff era.

Unfortunately, for any Bulls team for a long time to come they will be compared to MJ and the boys.

With that said these Bulls have done a lot of growing in these first 6 games and it will only help improve the "team" in years to come. All of this with the horrible coaching of one Vinny Del Negro. Horrible time management, questionable out of bounds plays and at times horrible strategy (no regard for any defense).

John Salmons has proven to be a trade dead line steal. D Rose is a role model for all young basketball players and the toughness of the team as a whole is very impressive.

I can't wait for tomorrow. All of us can only hope for another well played close match-up. No matter who comes out on top, this series has been a win for the NBA and its fans.

Grumpy said...

I'm sorry I missed that one, an instant classic. I won't miss Game 7, mostly because I don't want to end up on your shit list.

Chanin Bissinger said...

You are a smart man Grumpy!
Hey McSpazz, I agree watching MJ play and the championships were great but I am talking just one team going at another greatness. I don't think I have seen anything like it with all the overtimes and crazy shots, etc. MJ was the greatest ever but this series has been so entertaining I forgot about MJ for a moment.