Friday, May 29, 2009

Jimmy's Freaky Frisky Friday

Jimmy has picked a good one today. Her name is Jessica Hart and she is a model. Her most recent claim to fame is being shot as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Jessica is from Australia so she has a cool accent to boot.

I asked Jimmy for a quote on this weeks pick and here is what he said, " I would give up both of my legs for one date with her (if I could lose my legs after the date)." There you have it, Jimmy's Freaky Frisky Friday pick...Jessica Hart.


Grumpy said...

Can you say "eating disorder"?

Chanin Bissinger said...

Lol...she is not THAT skinny Grumpy! Next week you get a hottie over 50 if I have to pick her myself!

Grumpy said...

Look at her legs in the pic on the rocks. That's seriously skinny. Can't wait until next week.