Friday, May 22, 2009

Letter to George Karl

Dearest George,
It is about damn time you pulled my best boy Linas Kleiza off the bench and used him. The dude can hit 3 pointers all day long with his eyes closed. I don't know why you haven't put him in more before now but I swear to God if I don't see him more often I will come to Denver and give you a wedgie right out on the court in front of everyone!

Now, let's talk about something very serious for a moment. I love Linas and not just for his basketball skills. He is one hot man. So I need you to hook it up ok??? Just need a little one on one time with him if you catch my drift. I needs me some of that real bad George.

Ok, so give him my number, whatever...get his ass off the bench and we will be all good. Now get back to work and figure out how to shut down Kobe. The Nuggets have to win a Championship!


Grumpy said...

Hot? Wally Szczerbiak is hot, that guy is not.

Grumpy said...

And they won. Who complains after a road win?

Chanin Bissinger said...

He is hot, just not the best photo.
Not into Wally...maybe it's his