Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Revenge Would Be So Sweet For Favre

It has been reported that Brett Favre will be meeting with the Vikings this week to discuss the possibility of his return to the NFL. His whole motive to get revenge against the Packers for letting him go.

I am all for this, mainly because of personal reasons. I was fired by a company once. Yep, me...and well it made me a little angry and bitter. So angry and bitter that I spent lots of time trying to think of ways to get them back. Flatten the tires of all their service trucks?? Too nice. Sign the President of the company up for porn subscriptions to be delivered to his house?? Good but not good enough. Of course I wound up doing nothing but the thought of making some folks uncomfortable around there made me happy.

I am sure the thought of playing the Packers twice a year and lighting it up against them makes him very happy as well. Will he light it up? Who knows? He is getting up there but I am sure he has a few great games left in him and why not let him get a little revenge. I know I for one will be watching those games when I normally would not care about a Green Bay vs. Minnesota matchup.

So come on Brett, let's see if you can make those bastards sweat a little.


Grumpy said...

He'll set the Vikings single season record for interceptions. And you can have porn sent to me.

Chanin Bissinger said...

Porn coming your way Grumpy! lol