Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cyborg Chokes Reporter

I saw this on Yahoo sports this afternoon and I think I might have left a little potty deposit in my chair from laughing so hard. I used to think I might want to be choked out just to see what it felt like but after watching this I have no such desire. Cris Cyborg scares me...seriously. I am not even sure she is really a woman. Gina Carano had better be training like crazy for this one. This women's MMA fight will be one of the best fights all year. This fight takes place August 15th and personally, I cannot wait to see it.


Grumpy said...

After hearing that voice, I'd like a chromosome test.

Chanin Bissinger said...

I know Grumpy! I am telling everyone she is a man! If I met her in a dark alley I would wet myself and cry. She is the scariest he/she ever!

Rad said...

Wow that chick looks tough. I agree with Grumpy, she needs to be tested. I wonder and Manny go to the same doctor for female hormones.