Monday, July 6, 2009

What Has Lane Kiffin Done to The Vols?

I was elated on Thursday when I received my latest "Sporting News" magazine to see that there was a section with pre-season college rankings. Where oh where would my Vols land in their rankings??

Well let's just say I have been weeping since Thursday. My favorite sports magazine ever has ranked my Vols at number 62. Yep, 62. Uh huh. To put this in perspective, let me throw out a few teams that are ranked above the Vols. At #18, Notre Dame. They must be bringing Rudy back. At #37, Nevada. Nevada is ranked above the Vols. Starting to feel my pain??? #46 is Cincinnati. Where did I leave my razor blade??? Let me just throw these out right in a row...#53 Central Michigan, #54 Navy, #55 Air Force, #56 Houston, #57 Northwestern, #58 Connecticut and #59 Stanford. God please help me!

Lane Kiffin has destroyed my team and they haven't even taken the field yet. With all his Tweeting, recruiting violations and let's not forget to mention recruiting a 13 year old, my life as a Vols fan might as well be over. The glorious orange and white car flags I had gotten out of storage will go right back in, the orange Crocs given to Goodwill (maybe someone can wear them during Halloween) and forget about those bright orange undies I would wear on game day...they will be set on fire in the backyard.

Phil Fulmer where are you????????????????????? Please come back. Please...

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