Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Season Has Arrived!

Here you go fellas, a nice photo of hot chicks holding the Lombardi trophy. I say fellas because I know most chicks read the title of the blog and skipped over to the HGTV website.

Today is the day I live for. The start of the NFL season. My heart is pounding...I am alive again. Tonight the Steelers play the Titans to kick off the season. I cannot wait mainly because I am a Steelers freak and after the incident last season where the Titans players (mainly fattie Lendale White) stomped all over the Terrible Towel, I want these bastards to pay. Final score 64-0 Pittsburgh. Titan jerks. Lendale White held to -24 yards rushing and he gets so upset he calls Dominos to deliver to the sidelines so he can feed his face. You don't mess with the towel. You just don't.

I am a fanatic, what can I say? I am a member of my team, I wear the jersey...I feel the pain and I rejoice for Superbowl victories. To me, today is better than Christmas. For the next 6 months I will not move from my recliner on Sundays. It starts today...a new beginning for all 32 teams. Can you feel it???

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