Thursday, October 22, 2009

Damn Those Yankees

I cannot stand the Yankees and it is time to call in for some backup on this.

Dear God,

How ya doing? Things are going great down here...I have NFL football to watch, I still have a job in a messy economy and they are still making Oreos. Life is good...thanks for the many blessings.

I need to talk with you about a little issue I have right now though...I am not a Yankees fan in the least. They make me sick to put it bluntly. The owner buys up all the best players and it just doesn't seem like the other teams have a fair shake. A certain player on their team is a big time womanizer and deserves nothing less than every STD imaginable.

So the favor I would like to ask is if you could just help us not to have to deal with them as World Series Champions. I would gladly settle for a repeat by the Phillies...or best case, your team...the Angels win it all. So here I am on bended knee, asking for this small miracle from you. I promise for at least 6 months I will stop praying to win the Powerball if you can just grant me this one request.

Thanks, peace out and God bless you God!

Chanin Bissinger


Grumpy said...


Evan "McSpazz" Edwards said...

We can only happen that the prayer works. Don't we get enough Yankees talk anyways without them winning the World Series.

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

as a O's fan, I dislike the Yankers