Thursday, October 1, 2009

Favre Faking Injury

It is being reported on ESPN that Brett Favre has been listed on the injury report this week with a foot injury.

This is the first time Brett has been on this list thus far and isn't it strange that he is on the list right before his first game against the Packers???

I imagine playing against an old team would be somewhat the equivalent to running into an ex that dumped you for a younger stud muffin. You will be nervous when you see them, wishing you had just gone to the Target instead of Wal-mart that day but there they are in front of you...all happy and pawing at each other. It is just enough to make you want to run out to the parking lot and slam your foot into one of those concrete parking thingies. Thus you are on the injured list. I can relate Brett...really I can.

Brett Favre had better be on that field Monday night because we as football fans crave this kind of crap. The old team, the new stud muffin at QB and a few 100 shots of Brett's wife in the stands. Monday Night Football could not be any sweeter than if the Steelers were to play the Cowboys and win in Dallas 1000-0. The one time the Steelers have to punt, Dan Sepulveda kicks the ball high enough to crash into Jerry's monster screens and break them forever. Now, that is a perfect Monday night football game.

Brett, you better bring your big boy panties my friend...they will be coming after you and I can't wait to watch.


Grumpy said...

Great analogy. And funny also. Think he's setting up an excuse in case he sucks?

Chanin Bissinger said...

That is what I am thinking. My foot hurt therefore I threw 3 interceptions. We shall see.

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

the hyckocrite is such an attention whore

I hope he throws his typical 3 INT's so ESPN can coddle and nurse him afterwards

buisness as usual lol