Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making Picks for Big Money

I run an office pool every year and last year I won the year end pot. In order for folks to know I don't cheat, I generally make a copy of my picks to leave with someone at work on Friday. Well this year, I am in it again. Sue has the lead by one game...Bob is 2 games behind me. It will be a close one. Here are my picks this week. I have my toes and fingers crossed I can pull this off and win it again.

Buffalo-Indy obviously doesn't care if they win again until the playoffs start.

Carolina-Why didn't they start Moore and Stewart all year?

Cleveland- Don't think Jacksonville will like playing in the cold.

Dallas- This one drove me nuts. They both need it. I will take the home team.

Chicago- If Cutler can't beat Detroit he might as well hang it up.

Houston- Thinking New England will just lay down and Houston needs to win.

Pittsburgh- Gotta have this one boys.

Minn- think they will play hard today and get a win in a very close game.

NY Jets- They must win and Cinci is going to take it easy.

San Fran- Me and some high school boys could beat the Rams.

Atlanta- Should get this one without any problems.

Arizona- Another tough one for me. I think Arizona will pull it off in a close one.

Denver- I hope the Chiefs will go out with a bang and win this one but Denver should get the victory.

Baltimore- I am praying they lose but Oakland would have to put Kenny "The Snake" Stabler back on the field in order to do that.

San Diego- I think their backups could beat Washington's starters.

Tenn- Have I mentioned I love Vince Young???

If we tie and it comes down to points I have 45 pts for the Tenn/Seattle game. Their picks are sealed in envelopes at work that will not be opened until tomorrow.

May the force be with me.

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