Friday, March 12, 2010

Top 10 Reasons To Watch "Dancing With the Stars"

10. They have finally gotten rid of that terrible co-host Samatha Harris and replaced her with Brooke "I can actually speak without tripping over my words" Burke.

9. Host Tom Bergeron is a silver fox.

8. That hot mess Kate Gosselin will dance. She will have a show called, "Tony Dovolani Made Me Want to be a Mommy...Again."

7. Erin Andrews will be dancing. Rumor has it, she has a peephole camera installed in her dressing room.

6. Pamela Anderson. Nothing else to say about that.

5. 80 year old Buzz Aldrin gets to dance with a 20-something hottie. Let's start the pool for how long he lives.

4. He is Aiden Turner and he is pretty.

3. She is Nicole Scherzinger and she is pretty.

2. Shannen Doherty proves to us she still has a career. Well, if you consider this show a wise career move. It has done wonders for Joey Lawrence's career.

1. Chad Ochocinco will be the first contestant to be fined by the judges. There are no lifts in a Viennese Waltz! Fine of $10,000 for each lift.

Tune in March 22nd for this mess-fest on ABC.


FR95 said...

Very, very funny and it's 100% accurate.

Grumpy said...

I have left instructions for my wife to call me when Pamela Anderson is on. The rest I don't care about.