Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cuban Missile Crisis II

This Cuban is going to cause a crisis for the St. Louis Cardinals. This Cuban is Aroldis Chapman, his arm, the missile. The Cincinnati Reds recently called him up from the minors where it was not uncommon to clock his pitches at 105 mph. Randy Johnson topped out at around 102 mph if that gives you an idea of the stuff this kid has.

I think the addition of Chapman is going to be just the edge the Reds need to clinch the Central division and move on in the playoffs. My only concern is Chapman being overworked very quickly. Let''s hope Dusty Baker will take it easy on him so he lasts through the playoffs.

I just love seeing the Cardinals in crisis. It makes my heart warm.


FanOfReds said...

I love seeing the Cardinals in crisis too!

Grumpy said...

A friend of mine was at his debut the other night and said it was almost as if he couldn't see his fastball.