Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Forrest Griffin vs Rampage Jackson: WTF???

Ok, I love Forrest Griffin. I love his heart, the man does not stop. So of course, when I heard he was going to fight Rampage for the title, I ordered it up on Pay Per View this past weekend. Invited over my MMA buddies, Joyce, Jimmy and William.

I ordered the high definition version so we could see every little detail. A case of beer and two pizzas later, it was time for the big fight. I was so nervous for Forrest that my stomach hurt. I was screaming and yelling and going crazy. Then they announced Forrest as the winner and new champion. I am not really sure how I feel about this. As I said earlier, I love Forrest BUT I wanted him to win it clearly, with either a submission or a knockout. To have it go to a decision was just not good. The fight was so very close. Forrest looked like his face has been smashed into a tree about 1000 times and Rampage looked like he had not been in a fight at all. I don't know about this...I mean to take the belt away from Rampage for a fight that was so close doesn't seem to make any sense to me.

I watched it a 2nd time on Monday night and felt a little bit better about Forrest's win but somewhere in the back of my mind I am wondering if this was a fixed fight. Everyone love's Forrest. He is the underdog we all cheer for. It makes for a great story for him to upset Rampage and take the title but I think it will be interesting when it comes time for him to defend the title. I hope he will be able to squeak out another victory and prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hey, where have you been? Long time no talk---you're the best--your blogs are always dead on as far as what happened at any sporting event you comment on--The combination of your knowledge of sports, wit and humor, make for a great read--You definitely nailed this one!--Feel the same way--Keep em coming-----------

Anonymous said...

First time checking out your site---not bad--A woman with some very good knowledge about the sport she's writing about. I can sense the passion you have for sports, and don't take this the wrong way, but it's much the same passion guys usually have. It's good to see a woman can share the same feelings men do. Liked what you came away with from the watching the fight, not with what just happened in the ring but what's possibly going on behind the scenes. Keep up the good work! Can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

Forrest won this fight, no doubt. It was close and it would have been better if he has knocked him out but Forrest was the aggresive one for the whole fight and had about a million leg kicks to score points. Forrest wins and you are right it will be interesting to see who he fights next and what happens.