Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gina Carano: Knockout Queen

Meet Gina Carano. Oh, she may look beautiful and sweet, but she will knock you on your ass. After she knocks you on your ass, she will mount you and show you what the term "ground and pound" really means.

Gina is the most successful female MMA fighter to date. She is 6-0, 3 wins by knockout and 1 by submission. As successful as she is in the MMA circuit, most know her as playing American Gladiator "Crush". She is equally as successful on Gladiator, being undefeated in several events against the contenders. A couple of weeks ago, I watched her tackle a 52 year old woman trying to run the "Pyramid", she hit her so hard, I am shocked the woman could even make it to the next event.

After watching all of Gina's fights, I thought maybe this is something I could get into. For some reason, beating people up seemed appealing. I ran out to the local sports store and grabbed up some training gloves and sparring mitts. After trying to convince several friends to let me try to hit them, I finally found one who said yes (thank you Joyce). Um, well, I lasted about 2 minutes of circling and throwing punches. Seems it is much more difficult than it looks. Several times I hit the mitts and thought I had broken my hand. I am thinking now, maybe I should have read some sort of instruction manual before attempting this. But hey, no guts no glory right?

Right. Today I can hardly walk. I am thinking maybe I should have stretched or something, my back hurts terribly. My right hand is bruised and I cannot lift my arms, at all. Seriously. Work was a challenge today and I just sit at a desk most of the day. But I am not giving up! Well today I am. But tomorrow I just might give it another go. Maybe. If I take a few pain killers before I start.

Gina, I have sooooo much more respect for you now. You are my hero!

For those of you who have not been able to catch a Gina Carano fight, I found this highlight video on You Tube. Check it out! Gotta go get some ice now...

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Jon said...

Wow. That Gina Carano is a total babe. I'm in love.