Sunday, July 20, 2008

Letter to God

Dear God,

How are you doing? I am sure you are plenty busy and I really try not to bother you too much. I think the last time I wrote you a letter was when I had that terrible rash that I thought might be something else but it turned out to be ok. Thanks for that!

This time, I have a real issue. The Chicago Cubs that I love so much (and I am sure you do too) are up for sale. I wrote a blog a few months back encouraging Cub fans from around the world to unite, throw all their loose change in a pot and we all own the Cubbies. I collected a whopping $3.82. So much for that idea.

The bids are in to own the Cubs and I heard that Mark Cuban was one of the bidders. Here is where my next favor comes in God...please, please...I am begging, do not let that man get control of the Cubs. Yes, I know he turned the Mavericks around after buying them in 2000, but the Cubs are already turning around. I know Mr. Cuban has brains and has done very well with his investments but having someone like him as an owner will ruin baseball.

I imagine if he owned the Cubs he would have a chair placed on top of the dugout so he could hop down and argue calls with the umpires whenever he felt like it. Every time the manager goes out to the mound to talk to the pitcher, Cuban will be right behind him to offer the guy his insight. Last but not least, I am sure Albert Pujols would get a good cussing out while walking up to bat during the NLCS.

God, I don't mind Mark Cuban buying a baseball team in Japan or some other country. Or he can own a hockey one cares about hockey.

I mean look at this this the guy you want buying one of the most beloved baseball franchise's ever???

I know you will do what is best, I put all my faith in you God to keep this lunatic away from my team.
Take care and don't work too hard.

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